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City Manager Applications Flood HR Before the Final Buzzer on Friday: Applicants From All Over

LAKE CITY, FL – A last minute flurry of activity had City Manager resumes flying into Lake City the last two days before the April 6, 12 pm deadline. Through March 14 the City had received 10 resumes. Three weeks later on April 4, the City had received another ten. Between last Wednesday and the Friday deadline, the City had received another 34, two of which were from well known former local officials and one from a present official.

Resumes arrived from Maine to Florida to Hawaii. Many of the applicants had impressive credentials: PhDs, engineering degrees, MBA's, and advanced management degrees.

The first 20 candidates also have impressive work histories: city managers, county managers, economic development directors, and airport managers.


What does the City Manager do?

The City Manger is responsible for providing administrative support and implementing the Mayor and the City Council's decisions, policies, and objectives.

The City Manager keeps the Mayor and City Council appraised of issues and matters dealing with city business.

The City Manger also responds to the needs of the citizens and community; is the liaison to local agencies and organizations, and represents the City in legislative matters at both the state and federal level.

The City Manager oversees the preparation of the City budget and is also the chief economic development officer of the City.

The City Manager is appointed by the Mayor and City Council and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the City. The City Manager is responsible for all the administrative and daily operation of all City functions.

Human Resources

When we spoke with the HR department on Wednesday, they were expecting a flurry of last minute responses to the request for resumes, but it appears the response was overwhelming.

The three locals that applied are former City Customer Service and Airport Manger, Nick Harwell. You can read more about the Airport and Mr. Harwell, here.

Former County Economic Development Director Jesse Quillen also applied. You can read more about Mr. Quillen, here.

And former City Manager, County Assistant Manager, and present County Risk Manager and grant writer, David Kraus.


As soon as we receive the final batch resumes, we will post it.

The first 20 are available now. Look through them. If you find someone you like, let the council members know.

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