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Lake City

City Manager Search Getting Back On Track
Mayor Witt Calls Special Meeting for Monday Night

Scroll down to see the document. The changes are on the last page.

LAKE CITY, FL – Thursday afternoon, after receiving the updated City Manager Position advertisement from HR Director Michele Greene, Mayor Witt called for a special meeting on Monday evening, February 26 at 6 pm to review the latest version of the City Manager Position description and request for applicants.

HR Director Greene incorporated the recent changes provided by City Council members. Mayor Witt wanted Council and citizen input before reposting the advertisement.

It is expected that after all the comments are heard, the Mayor will ask for the approval of the City Council before advertising begins.

Last Chance

City Manager 2nd Draft

This is the last chance for the public to add input for what they want in a Lake City, City Manager or where they think the position should be advertised.

Mayor Witt and the City Council always allow civil public comment on items coming before the City Council.

One doesn't have to jump through hoops. All one has to do is show up.

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