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Lake City

City Manager Search to Resume
Moses Wants to Reach Beyond FL Border 

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LAKE CITY, FL – Monday night in City Hall, Mayor Witt reviewed the City Manager Position papers in an effort to make them ready for prime time. There was input from the two candidates who will be running against incumbent councilman Eugene Jefferson, as well as a couple of members of the public and the council members.

Glenel Bowden.

Candidates Glenel Bowden and Vanessa George came to the microphone before the discussion of the Council and made suggestions and inquires.

Mr. Bowden objected to some of the language. It was changed.

Ms. George inquired about the various associations that the present City Manager and prospective candidate were a member of or would have to join.

Vanessa George

Lake City resident Sandra Buck-Camp said she also thought some of the language in the City's Position Paper (the Advertisement) was problematic and urged the Council to change it.

Mayor Witt

Mayor Witt then explained the reason for his hastily called City Council meeting. "The reason I wanted to have this meeting tonight is I think we are moving along and we need this process to get a little more brought in. I've met with Michele [Greene, HR Director] and Grayson [Cason, Asst. City Manager]. I think we're at the point where we need to start to get some parameters of where we're going; how quickly you want to do these things; get our advertising out."

The Mayor added, "It's time to bring in the Range Riders; time to get their input."

The Range Riders are a group of retired county and city managers, who work at no cost to the municipalities that engage them, giving guidance and assistance to those with a management form of government.

Ms. Greene had already reached out to the Range Riders and reported that they are willing to "help facilitate the process, so that the Council gets the information sent out the way that you want to have it sent out..."

Councilmember Melinda Moses

Melinda Moses recommended that the language in the Advertisement be changed so that Lake City would reach out beyond Florida's borders in its search for a City Manager.

The language was changed.

Mayor Witt told the Council, "I think we need to get it out there."


HR Director Michele Greene listens to the Council.

Mayor Witt said, "I would like to interview 10 [candidates].

No one objected.

Councilman Jefferson said they need to add a salary range to the Advertisement. The Council agreed that the city manager's salary would be advertised at $80k to $130k.

Councilman Jake Hill said he thought the Council should wait until after the November election to hire a city manager.

He couldn't find any support.

City Manager Position Paper

Clerk Audrey Sikes went over the changes that will be incorporated in the next incarnation of the City Manager Position Advertisement. (As soon as we get the updated document, it will be posted in this article).

The current deadline for applications, cover letter and resume, is April 6.


So far, the City is not going to advertise a Request for Qualifications with a time certain return date.

Without an RFQ or similar request, the applications are subject to Florida's public record law as they are received by the City.

Under the circumstances, it is expected that the applicants will wait until very close to the deadline to submit their applications.

*updated with City Manager Position Paper: Final

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