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New York weighs in on Commissioner DuPree's pool

After reading, Columbia County Commissioner's pool remains a death trap - State turns deaf ear, this article it has really opened up my eyes. While I was considering moving to northern Florida and after reading what goes on in Columbia County, I can honestly say Columbia County is not on my lists of best places to live, but rather sounds like a County to stay away from. 

It is absolutely crazy that no elected officials from the Governor on down have the guts to address this dangerous situation being displayed by a County Commissioner out in the open. This is another classic example of the do nothing good old boys club, where politics rules over safety. Since Florida law states all pools must be fenced in, was Commissioner DuPree given a waiver. This makes one wonder about the integrity of the Columbia County Building Department and the Building Department inspector that signed off on the pool installation.

As a last resort, I would urge you to try and make contact with Commissioner DuPree's homeowner's insurance carrier and inform them of this condition. Insurance companies don't like being put in potential libelous positions and will not look at this incident lightly. By doing so, you just may be saving an innocent person from a tragedy down the road.


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