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Cancer Survivor tells Columbia County's Lakeshore Hosp Authority: I'll take it to the Governor (Go to Part II)

Cancer Survivor, Saundra Reeves, addresses Columbia County's Lakeshore Hosp Authority.

Monday night at Columbia County's Lakeshore Hospital Authority monthly meeting, cancer survivor Saundra Reeves addressed the surprised Governor appointed Authority Board and the Authority Manager, "Jack" Jackson P. Berry.

A visibly shaken Ms. Reeves asked, "I want to know why Jack Berry can discriminate against a person getting care? I am a cancer patient. He said there is nothing he can do for me. All I need is a primary care doctor. He took my card from me. I showed him proof. I have the proof from Social Security, which is doing my case -- and from Family Services, which is doing in my case... I want to know why he can turn me down."

When Board Chairman Adams mentioned to the authority attorney, Marlin Feagle, that he didn't think the board should discuss her case, Ms. Reeves interjected, "Jack Berry's hung up on me. I need to go to the people above him. He told me nobody's above him."

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Chairman Adams said there were privacy issues and this should not be discussed in public.

Ms. Reeves interjected again, "It doesn't matter to me. I am having cataract surgery tomorrow. I don't care. I might die tomorrow, but I just want to know why. I have a problem, but yet he wants to discriminate. I want to know why, because he says nobody is above him."

Mr. Berry: Witnesses in our office will testify

Hosp Auth Manager Berry tells the Board, "There's witnesses that will testify."

Hospital Authority Manager Berry asked Board Chairman Adams if he could respond. Mr. Adams told him to go ahead.

Mr. Berry weighed in: Nobody's discriminated against Ms. Reeves. There's witnesses within our office that will testify to that. If she's got a complaint, I would suggest that you do it in writing and let Mr. Feagle or whoever the Board wishes to, to investigate it. There is much, much more to this story than what's being exposed at this point. And I don't think we should discuss it in a public meetin.

Mr. Berry did not reveal to the Board who the witnesses were, however, it would appear that they are the Hospital Authority staff.

Ms. Reeves told the Board, "He will dispose of it and I know it. So I'll just write to the governor in Tallahassee."

Good ol' boys at work – investigating themselves

Chairman Adams suggested that the Board investigate and that Ms. Reeves send a letter to him, care of Marlin Feagle, and let him present that to Jack. "We'll do the investigation and have a response for you."

"I've been living in Columbia County for 40 years and I know what the good old boys come from," said Ms. Reeves.

Chairman Adams, "Yes ma'am, thank you for your comments."

Ms. Reeves, "I'll take it to the Governor -- thank you."

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