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Cancer Survivor Reeves and the Lakeshore Hosp Auth: The comments keep coming

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Cancer Survivor tells Columbia County's Lakeshore Hosp Authority: I'll take it to the Governor (Part I)
Cancer Survivor Reeves: I knew it wasn't goin to do me any good - they're all good old boys (Part II)

As more folks read about the mistreatment of Cancer survivor Saundra Reeves at the hands of Columbia County's Governor appointed Lakeshore Hospital Authority Board and its infamous and unqualified manager, past Republican chieftain, "Jack" Jackson P. Berry, the comments keep coming in. Ed


Here are the reader' comments, latest first.

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On June 22, 2011, "Lifelong Columbia County" Resident wrote:

Dear Mr. Lilker, I just got through reading the story about the breast cancer patient on your web site. The one that got in front of the Lakeshore Hospital Authority and spoke her mind. I think that maybe if more citizens came out like that and stood up for their selves, some of this stuff would stop.

Some people in the County will not speak out, in fear of retribution from the cops, and their fear may be well-founded.

I was born and raised in Columbia County, and it shakes me to the core to see people literally being treated like animals. Animals are treated better than they treated that poor woman. Those people are no better than, me, or anybody as far as that go.

I am quite sure that she is not the first one to be treated that way. I am sure you remember the Citizens Against Forced Utilities. I think you are the man to come up with something like that. You would be surprised at the people that would be behind you. I know I would.

Well just wanted to tell you a few things that have been on my mind. If you have any questions or want to type something back please feel free.

Thanks, lifelong Columbia County resident.


On June 21, 2010, Outraged in Lake City wrote:

If this doesn't just jump out at ALL of you of how this man is clearly in a field where he thinks "He's GOD" you all need your head examined. That's right I'm talking to YOU the CITY FATHER GOOD Ole BOY's. How appalling!

After having a child with Leukemia and sitting on a cancer ward 3 years and watching my child die with NO HELP from this county, I know first hand what this woman is enduring.

You are going to let a FAT SLOB like Jack screw up BERRY deny this woman any quality of life? If so, you are just as much to blame. Do any of you with warm & cozy homes have any idea how the words alone "You have cancer" affects a family? Didn't think so... Better yet, how hard it is to even ask for HELP?

Bureaucrats have made this into a multimillion dollar business and have profited, in case anyone wants to question that fact with me!

Two weeks? Shame on all of you - especially you JB you incompetent Ass!

From just the mom of a daughter whose child gave to this community, while on treatment, without ever asking for a dime (not that it would have been given) But there was a scholarship created in her name after the fact.

For the record CANCER of any type devastates FAMILIES!!!


On June 18, 2010, BJ from Lake City wrote:

I pray for you Jack Berry, that God will have mercy on your soul. Why? Why is Lake Shore Hospital allowing this man to do this to people? Mrs. Reeves is not the first. I pray justice will be done to the "GOOD OLE BOYS" that think they own Lake City, Florida.


On June 15, 2011, A Life In Lake City wrote:

Ms. Reeves has taken a step forward in exposing the true Lakeshore Hospital Authority and maybe others will follow.  She understands the good ole boy syndrome.  This is a small county and so often those who work for the local government type entities cannot talk at a public meeting for fear of losing their job.  I commend her action to address this Board.

In addition to the governor, she could file a complaint with Skip Jarvis, the state attorney. Mr. Berry may have violated the law when he removed a card from someone who meets the indigent care criteria.            A Life In Lake City


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