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Middle & Lower Suwannee River Task Force On Tap In LC: Fighting Pollution From Valdosta, GA

LAKE CITY, FL – Tomorrow, February 28, 2018, at 4 pm, the Middle and Lower Suwannee River and Withlacoochee River Task Force (the Task Force) will be meeting for its third meeting. The Task Force has members from 12 North Central FL counties and while all counties do not front on the Withlacoochee and or Suwannee Rivers, the officials have banded together to help find a solution to the multi-million gallon raw sewage spills coming out of Valdosta into N. Florida.

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The resolution, Resolution 2019-01, recognizes that raw sewage spills are coming from Valdosta and claims that the pollution impacts North Florida's quality of life and threatens the region's economic vitality and tourism.

The Task Force is requesting Florida, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and the Suwannee River Water Management District address the raw sewage spills by the City of Valdosta into the Withlacoochee River and Mud Creek. Once spilled, this sewage flows into Florida.

The Task Force is also requesting the U.S. EPA, along with Florida and its agencies examine the conduct of Georgia, Valdosta, and any other parties to the operation of the Valdosta, Withlacoochee and Mud Creek Pollution Control Plants, and to take all actions necessary to end the raw sewage spills with the resulting effluent floating into North Florida.

According to figures provided by the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council, the region's population went from 540,098 in 2010 to 561,660 in 2018.

The Executive Director of the Planning Council, Scott Koons, told the Observer late today that the "next steps" are still on the drawing and "will be discussed at tomorrow's meeting."

The meeting begins at 4 pm in the Holiday Inn in Lake City.

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