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City Slides Confederate Battle Flag Onto Monday Night's Agenda 

LAKE CITY, FL – For weeks, folks in and around Lake City have been waiting for the City Council to step up to the plate and address the City seal, which includes the Confederate Battle Flag . For a month after the tragic murders in South Carolina, there were rumors circulating of an inside, backroom deal to just remove the flag. The Council did nothing. Finally, on July 20, City residents, Glynell Presley and Bruce Borders, began the conversation.

At 3:56 pm on Friday, August 14, the City had a line on its agenda that is circulated to the Council members and the press, "Council Discussion-City Seal." There is no indication of any action. The City Manager did not post the agenda to the City website.

After the South Carolina Tragedy

After the South Carolina tragedy, the City was planning to make short work of the Lake City logo, or as some people call it, the City seal. The powers that be had planned to just have the Stars & Bars quietly disappear.

Glynnell Presley's appearance at the City Council on July 20 was met by icy stares from City Manager Johnson and the City Council, which remained silent regarding the future of the City logo, although the Lake City Reporter once again made up remarks of the City Manager which were purportedly made during the meeting.

Monday night

For Monday night there is one short phrase on the City agenda regarding the City Seal: "Council Discussion-City Seal."

There is not one scintilla of information regarding anything else about the City Seal or the discussion: no proposed motions; no courses of action.

Like a breeze, rustling through the trees, the prevalent word is the City has already decided to remove the Stars & Bars.

The Observer reported that at the July 20th meeting, City Manager reported that he would "poll the board."


In 2009, during a discussion of the City logo (seal) your reporter broached the subject of removing the Stars & Bars from the City logo with City Manager Johnson.

City Manager Johnson told your reporter he was a proud Southerner who had "relatives in the Civil War."

At that time, Mr. Johnson indicated the discussion was closed. 


By tomorrow night at this time it should be clear what the City Manager and the City Council have been up to and if the "proud Southerner," City  Manager Johnson, has changed his views.

* Corrected: "Stars and Bars" was replaced with "Confederate Battle Flag." Error pointed out by Glen Saucier.

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