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Vice Mayor Moses High on Downtown Lake City: "There is a new energy downtown"

LAKE CITY, FL – Tuesday evening's Lake City Community Redevelopment Advisory Committee (CRAC) meeting played to a full house. According to committee Chairwoman, Lake City's Vice Mayor Melinda Moses, there is a new energy downtown. She wants to spread the news that "things are moving." Columbia County's Economic Development Chief, Glenn Hunter, told the Committee that folks should be able to see the Committee in action, "So they can understand what is happening."

An upbeat Melinda Moses, a "hometown girl," told the CRAC that she is excited about what she sees happening in downtown Lake City, but she is concerned that everyone doesn't know what is going on.

She told the CRAC, "People don’t' really know what we're doing. They hear little pieces."

Ms. Moses suggested a "reception" to invite the downtown business owners and view a presentation of what "people are doing." "Things are happening. We want them [business owners] to be on the train with us. If they know what is going on they will feel more a part of it," she said.

Lake City's popular mayor, Steve Witt, suggested also inviting the tenants.

Glenn Hunter, Columbia County's Economic Development Chief, added, "It would be good to have the meeting so they can see how action is taken and they can understand what is happening."

Ms. Moses, who has embraced Lake City's practice of encouraging the public's attendance and participation at its public meetings, responded, "Absolutely."

Jackie Kite, the City's Community Redevelopment Authority Director, advised that the meetings are open to the public.

Ms. Moses continued, "The public’s not here. If they hear us and they know what is going on and they get a taste of it -- they’ll come. We are excited about the possibility of doing this."

Committee member, Jeff Simmons, recommended hanging banners and pictures to show folks what is going on.

Ms. Moses wanted to show folks the design of the boardwalk at Lake DeSoto.

City Manager Johnson explained that the City's Public Works Director, Thomas Henry, "is coming up with a concept. They’ve been working on that," he said.

Mr. Johnson continued, "We are talking about investing upward of a million dollars toward redevelopment of the lake area."

Plans will be announced regarding the City's meeting/gathering to explain what is happening downtown.

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