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Lake City Branded: "Gateway to Florida" Changed
Committee Approves Logos & Signage

The newly approved Lake City logo changes the decades old defining phrase of Lake City/Columbia County from "Gateway to Florida" to "Florida's Gateway."

The current Lake City website logo.

LAKE CITY, FL – Last night in City Hall, the Community Redevelopment Advisory Committee (CRAC) gave its final approval on the logo and signage that is designed to carry Lake City into the future. There were oohs and ahs as the work of the subcommittee on branding was brought to the Committee by designer Justin Simmons. There are two notable changes from the old designs: the Confederate flag is gone and the phrase "Gateway to Florida," which has been used by Lake City and the County for decades, has been changed.

The holiday banner is expected to be up by Thanksgiving.

The Community Redevelopment Advisory Committee, chaired by City Councilwoman Melinda Moses, is composed of a cross-section of City business owners; City Manager Wendell Johnson and Assistant City Manager, Grayson Cason; the County's new Economic Development Director, Glen Hunter; the Chamber of Commerce; and Lake City's popular Mayor, Steve Witt.

Chairwoman Moses is generous and accommodating and allows free ranging participation from committee members and members of the public who make the effort to attend the meetings.

Designer Simmons explained to the full committee that the sub-committee got together and came up with the final designs, which he handed out.

The CRAC was delighted and approved the designs and gave the go-ahead to have them printed up as presented.

There will be flags for the holiday season; signs to hang in the windows of vacant store fronts; and a new logo.

The Committee decided that they would have all the color combinations printed because, "They all looked so good."

The City logo is transparent and the background color is what is picked up.

"Gateway to Florida" changed to "Florida's Gateway"

It is not clear if the old logo will be decorating City vehicles and stationery in the re-branded Lake City.

The decades old defining phrase of Columbia County/Lake City "Gateway to Florida" was changed on the logo to "Florida's Gateway" without comment.

According to Mike Null, the County Administrator in the early 80's, the term Gateway to Florida may have begun in Lake City in the 20's. Mr. Null said Morris Williams, the expert on Columbia County/Lake City history would know. Mr. Williams was unavailable.

According to Mr. Simmons, everything should be ready to go by Thanksgiving.

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Don Smith of Fort White wrote (posted 11/01/14):

The Lake City logo has gone from a colorful depiction of the rich history of the area to a mundane symbol that could be used to describe nothing. Well done to the artisitic individuals who designed/approved this beauty!


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