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Lake City's Dave Clanton, A Man Who Put the Servant in Public Servant, Died Last Night

Dave Clanton: Lake City's former Utility Director

LAKE CITY, FL – When I saw Dave's number come up in my phone this morning, I knew it wasn't good news. Call it a premonition.

A couple of years ago, Dave's heart troubles had forced him to leave the City on medical leave, which turned into retirement. His heart, which was a good heart, was letting him down.

Dave Clanton learned about utilities by doing utilities. He was a public servant who served the people and told the truth.

Dave Clanton was the kind of man that made America great. A public servant that worked for the people and suffered the politicians quietly.

Lake City will miss Dave Clanton. The America we used to know will miss Dave Clanton, and I will miss Dave Clanton.

Dave's Career

Dave Clanton worked 26 years for the City of Lake City.

He began his career in Brevard County as a shift operator in 1978.

Between 1979 and 1985 Dave was the head operator of the West Melbourne Waste Water Treatment Plant.

After a couple of years in private industry, Dave came to Lake City in 1989 where he became the Waste Water Treatment Plant Maintenance Superintendent.



In June of 1998 he became the WWTP Director.

In 2000, Dave was recognized for outstanding achievement and was awarded the Lake City Achievement Award.

In August of 2007, Dave became the Executive Director of Lake City's Utilities.



After a brief 5 month stint as Interim City Manager in 2009, he went back to his job as the Executive Director of Utilities.

Dave officially retired on March 1, 2014.


(Photos: Dave at work
Top: City utility meeting
2nd: City Council meeting
3d: City/County utility meeting
Bottom: Dave watching the politicians at LCCC)


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On July 26, 2014, Jesse Quillen wrote:

Thanks for your kind words on Dave Clanton.  Dave was a good guy for sure.  He will be missed. I was/ am sad to learn of his death. Regards, Jesse


On July 25, 2014, John Blanchard wrote:

Sorry to hear about Dave. He was such a nice person. I thought if he would have been turned loose he would have been a good City Manager.  John


On July 24, 2014, Janet OConnel wrote:

Thanks For the great tribute to Dave. As you know, Dave was my boss for almost 8 years, and he was the BEST! There will never be another man like Dave Clanton and he will be missed by all!!!! Janet O'Connell, City of Lake City


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