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Breakfast With LCPD's Chief Gilmore: A packed house and informative

Residents learn about the 911 ring down

It was a standing room only crowd for the year's final breakfast with the Chief.

LAKE CITY, FL –  The final year's breakfast with Lake City's Police Chief Gilmore played to a packed house at Lake City's First Apostolic Church. Church members and residents came to learn about the Lake City Police Department. Chief Gilmore fielded all questions. Residents did not know that when they call 911 within the city limits valuable seconds are lost.

Chief Gilmore said the Lake City Police are well equipped with 21st century equipment and explained that the LCPD takes advantage of all federal grants.

Every LCPD car has camera equipment to protect the "citizen as well as the officer," she told the group.

The Chief fielded a question regarding a citizen firing warning shots to keep people out of his yard.

It was advised that if one is in a safe location to call the police.

911: Residents unaware valuable time is lost.

City residents are unaware that when they call 911 valuable time is lost. The call does not go to the LCPD Dispatch Center.

Your reporter asked Chief Gilmore if folks knew that when a city resident or business called 911 they were on a ring down. That means that the Columbia County 911 Communications Center dispatcher has to take enough information to discern where to route the call. If it is from the city they then transfer it to City Dispatch. Once connected to City Dispatch the caller has to repeat all the previous information to the City dispatcher. Valuable time is lost.

Chief Gilmore said, "911 should only be used in a life or death situation – life and death."

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