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Girl Scouts Save the Day In a Day of Bad News: Come to City Hall to promote children's literacy

Girl Scouts: Cadette Troop 525
Girl Scout Cadette Troop 525 presents their program to increase children's literacy to the City Council. Cathleen Towne (at microphone), Kayla Caslow, Madison-Rose Patterson.

LAKE CITY, FL –  Monday night was a tough night for good news in Lake City/Columbia County, but the day was saved by the Girl Scouts when members of Cadette Troop 525 showed up in City Hall to promote their new reading program "For the Love of Reading" designed to support children's literacy.

The young women of troop 525 have taken on a worthwhile project in a community that has a chronic illiteracy rate approaching 30% and dismal school reading scores.

For more information about the Girl Scouts:
Girl Scouts

Madison-Rose Patterson told the City Council that the project gave them the chance to show that they we're young leaders, "Organized, determined, and dedicated to improving our community."

Ms. Patterson continued, "We have realized that all children don't enjoy the luxury of reading. The love of reading must be taught or it will be completely diminished."

She said they were bringing books to those that don't have the opportunity to visit the library.

Ms. Patterson concluded by telling the City Council, "Two out of three students who can't read proficiently by 4th grade will end up in jail."

Cathleen Towne continued the presentation. She said, "To combat illiteracy in children we have chosen to create mobile libraries in our community. A book shelf out in the community, on the honor system."

Ms. Towne said they were looking for space to place a book shelf in City Hall.

Kayla Caslow announced a list of locations and asked for more.

City Manager Wendell Johnson said he supported the program and has been helping the young ladies to get the program moving and to get them visibility.

Mayor Steve Witt had the last word, "I think this is a good idea. I commend you for taking it on."

For more information about the Girl Scouts

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