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Lakeshore Hospital Authority News

Columbia County's Lakeshore Hosp Auth:
Maintaining Secrecy 

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Columbia County's good ol' boy Lakeshore Hospital Authority is again regressing into the time of the Flintstones and supplying no information before its meetings, as its recalcitrant Board, led by Representative Liz Porter's Chief of Staff, Koby Adams, and Repo-man, Jack Berry, make no back up material available on the Authority web site for the public before its meetings.

Koby Adams has a history of voting against open and transparent government. He is here at the leg. delegation meeting earlier this year.

Earlier in the year, Board Member Stephen Douglas asked for the information to be delivered electronically a week before the meetings.

The Authority had previously purchased a $1,600 scanner, which automatically converts images to files that can easily be posted to the Internet.

The Authority has dug in its heels and done nothing.

Before Mr. Adams and Mr. Berry joined hands, the Authority agendas gave some information about the new and old business of the Authority. Now it is just a big blank. (See the July 11th agenda here).

A responsible Board would let the public and the press know what is going on before the meetings.

The County does it, the City does it and the School District does it.

The Lakeshore Hospital Authority runs its business like a dirty little secret and has for years, conveniently forgetting that its business is the public's business.

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