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Columbia County's Lakeshore Hosp Auth: Open and Transparent - Not them 

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Appointed by the Governor and now managed by the $100,000 a year overpriced and ill equipped Board appointed manager, repo man and past Republican chieftain, "Jack" Jackson P. Berry, the Lake Shore Hospital Authority Board, now chaired by Rep. Liz Porter's Chief of Staff, Koby Adams, has become one of Florida's premier rogue public authorities.

Koby Adams has a history of voting against open and transparent government. He is here at the leg. delegation meeting earlier this year.

Before the Governor's appointment of Koby Adams and while Mr. Berry was still a board member, long time Hospital Authority employee, Sue Fraze, made sure Authority agendas were informative and at the urging of the Observer, Ms. Fraze made available to the press, before the meetings, the agenda packets, which were sent along to the board members.

Concurrent with the Board's political appointment of the inexperienced and unqualified Mr. Berry, as the highest priced publicly paid part time manager in the state of Florida, and Koby Adams' appointment to the Board, things changed dramatically.

Before these two political operatives, Berry and Adams, joined forces, the public could look at a Hospital Authority agenda and have an idea what was to go on at a scheduled board meeting. No more. This evening's agenda has been designed to keep the public in the dark.

At the first meeting where Mr. Berry took his seat as the part-time Hospital Authority Manager, Ms. Fraze had the agenda material copied and available to the press.

When your reporter asked Ms. Fraze for the material he was told, "Mr. Berry said not to put it out."

Florida's Governor Scott has a solution for Columbia County's premier rogue public authority, privatize the hospital.

Until then, the Lakeshore Hospital Authority will continue to be Columbia County's premier rogue public board.

As usual, it's business as usual in Florida's infamous good ol' boy Columbia County.

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