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FL Gas Set To Rise 25 Cents a Gallon, Tomorrow At Midnight: Fuel Sales Tax Holiday Ending

Circle K at night with headline: FL Gas Set To Rise 25 Cents a Gallon, Tomorrow At Midnight
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COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Florida gas prices are set to rise 25 cents a gallon on Tuesday. Florida's Motor Fuel Tax Relief Act of 2022 suspended the state's 25.3 cent gas tax on October 1 for a month-long gas tax holiday. Tomorrow, Tuesday, the tax expires at midnight.

In a press release, AAA said, "While Halloween is traditionally a time for filling bags with candy, drivers may also want to fill their gas tank to take advantage of current prices at the pump – prices will likely rise 25 cents overnight."

The tax relief did not apply to diesel fuel, leaving the state's consumer diesel owners and commercial operators out in the cold.

In a prepared statement to the press, Florida Tax Watch President Dominic Calabro thanked the Governor and the Legislature for implementing the “much needed’ reduction, but left out any comment about the lack of a tax break for diesel fuel users.

In his release, Mr. Calabro stated that Florida Watch is a "trusted government watchdog."

It is not clear if the "watchdog" was fully paying attention to the "Motor Fuel Tax Relief" holiday and diesel fuel users.

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