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FHP Reports: Two Accidents On I-75 Involving Tractor-Trailers – One Fatal – One Bad Luck

tesla under the back of tractor trailer
Fhoto: FHP   |    Columbia County Observer graphic

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL - Yesterday was not a good day for some folk in Alachua County. Two Accidents involving tractor-trailers, one in a rest stop and one closing down the interstate had the Florida Highway Patrol and Gainesville Rescue busy.

Accident Number One

Photo: FHP | Paynes Praire rest area parking lot

Accident number one occurred at 1:58 pm in the Paynes Prairie Rest Area Parking Lot. Both the driver and passenger died in the accident.

FHP gave this description:

Narrative: Vehicle 2 (a 2020 Freightliner Tractor Trailer) was parked in the southbound rest area parking lot.

Vehicle 1 (2015 Tesla )  was travelling south on I-75 before it exited for the rest area.

For unknown reason(s) Vehicle 1 travelled into the parking lot toward Vehicle 2.

Vehicle 1 struck the rear of Vehicle 2's trailer, where it came to final rest.

Both occupants were pronounced deceased on scene.

Gainesville Fire Rescue responded to extricate the driver and passenger.

Accident Number Two

Accident number two occurred on I-75 at the 404 mile marker. There were only minor injuries. The pickup truck was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

FHP photo showing I-75 blocked by tractor-trailer on its side
Photo: FHP | tractor trailer blocking I-75

FHP gave this description:

Narrative: Vehicle 1 (a tractor trailer) was travelling south in the outside lane of I-75. Vehicle 2 (a tractor trailer) was in the same lane, but ahead of Vehicle 1.

For unknown reason(s)  Driver 1 failed to notice  Vehicle 2, before the right front of Vehicle 1 struck the left rear of Vehicle 2's trailer.

After the initial collision Driver 1 abruptly steered to his left causing his trailer to begin to overturn onto its left side.

Vehicle 3 (a Chevrolet pickup) was travelling south in the inside lane, when the left side of Vehicle 1's trailer struck the roof of Vehicle 3.

Vehicle 2 came to a controlled stop on the right shoulder.

Vehicle 1 came to final rest on its left side.

Vehicle 3 came to rest on the grass shoulder near the center guard rail with Vehicle 1's trailer on its roof.

Photo: FHP | Bad luck for the folk in the pickup truck

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