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Foreclosure Rescue Scammers: Losing Your Home Can be Devastating – There Are Ways To Protect Yourself

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TAMPA, FL - Foreclosure rescue scams abound. Scam artists are looking to part you from your money with the promise they can help. Then, they keep the money and do nothing to help your mortgage.

There are steps you can take to protect yourself from mortgage scammers. This article is based on a real-life case and client.

I went to court to fight for a client who is a U.S. combat veteran who served in Iraq. He is 90 percent service-connected disabled due to anxiety and insomnia connected to his combat duty. He is married with children in the home. 

This veteran was defrauded by foreclosure rescue scammers, who wrote him a letter saying they would represent him as legal counsel. He paid the company $3,600. Then he found out the company had no attorneys working with them. They filed no documents in court, and the bank foreclosed on his home.

We went to court and filed a motion to set aside the final judgment of foreclosure and to set aside the foreclosure sale. We asked the Court to give him a fair shot to save his home with a lawyer.

With a fair judge, the courtroom can be a great leveler.

The judge set aside the final judgment and sale, finding that my client should be given a fair shot to save his home.

What can you do to protect yourself from foreclosure scammers?

The answer is simple. Contact competent foreclosure defense counsel if you find yourself facing default on your home mortgage. You can do an attorney search on the Florida Bar website, where you can make sure that the attorney is properly listed as a member in good standing of the Florida Bar.

Do not trust any company where you cannot confirm that competent legal counsel will be representing you.

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