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Global Prayer Challenge On the Anniversary of George Floyd's Death

Iconic image of Martin Luther King, Ralph Abernathy, John Lewis, and others with image of George Floyd added
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FLORIDA – Today, on the anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, his former Pastor, Patrick Ngwolo will lead people around the world in prayer as part of the 9:29 Prayer Challenge. The 9:29 Prayer Challenge is an event to pray for racial justice and healing across the globe.

Last year, the world witnessed the horrific murder of George Floyd in the streets of Minneapolis, adding to the many lives lost due to police brutality and racial injustice.

One year on, the I Will Tell International Film Festival, Sankofa Collective and the Crush Racism Challenge are marking the anniversary of his death with this challenge to people around the world to take a knee and pray.

Co-founders of the Challenge: Jenny Lee (I Will Tell International Film Festival and the Crush Racism Challenge) and Dr. Lisa Adjei (Sankofa Collective), say they are moved by the early responses to the Challenge so far and are working towards the event being a significant contribution to the push to end racism.

Last year, in the aftermath of Mr. Floyd’s murder and the global protests that followed, many became deeply aware of the extent of racism for the first time. But only a couple of months later, interest in race issues had already started to wane.

The Challenge is calling on everyone who is passionate about racial justice and believes that God answers prayers, to take a knee and pray for 9 minutes and 29 seconds at 8:30 pm in their time zone on Tuesday 25 May.

 People can do it on their own, with their family, friends, work colleagues, church or small group. They are also calling on church leaders to be ambassadors of the Challenge in their area and are providing some additional support.

The Crush Racism Challenge is an initiative set up to equip, encourage and empower those who understand that Black Lives Matter and are willing to do something about it. CRUSH stands for Committed and Resilient Until Something Happens. The Challenge is focused on transformative action and the group comprises men and women of all ages, nationalities, faiths and walks of life who are committed to ending racism.

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