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North Florida Blooms With Color

Florida license plate: state wildflower

Suwannee River Water Management District

LIVE OAK, FL – Seas of bright yellows, light purples and deep pinks can be seen across the Suwannee River Water Management District with fields, roadways and yards filled with wildflowers. The abundance of blooms opened just in time for National Wildflower Week which kicked off May 6, 2019.

“District lands are ideal habitats for wildflowers. We actively manage our lands through prescribed burning, invasive plant control, floodplain protection and restoring natural communities - all of which are important to the health of our ecosystems, wildflowers included” said Hugh Thomas, Executive Director of the District.

Wildflowers play an important role in bee pollination which is necessary for the growth of most trees and plants, including our food supply. Wildflowers also provide food for wildlife such as deer, rabbits, bees and even the endangered gopher tortoise.

To protect the wildflower habitats, the District manages over160,000 acres of public lands which are perfect for wildflower and wildlife viewing, as well as other recreational activities. Wildflowers play such an important role in the overall ecosystem that many agencies are working to preserve areas where they grow naturally through public land ownership and roadway wildflower management programs.

Celebrate National Wildflower Week by sharing your wildflower photos with us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #FloridaWildflowers.

To learn more about Florida wildflowers and their importance to our habitats, visit the Florida Wildflower Foundation website.

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