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Lake City's City Clerk Audrey Skies Voted Florida's Clerk of the Year: This is a big deal

Lake City City Clerk Audrey Sikes
Lake City's City Clerk, Audrey Sikes during an April 2010 City meeting.

LAKE CITY, FL – Recently, the Florida Association of City Clerks announced that Lake City’s City Clerk, Audrey Sikes, was voted Clerk of the Year. The Florida Association of City Clerks has more than 500 municipal clerks representing Florida’s cities, towns, villages and special districts across the state. The award of Clerk of the Year is a big deal.

Lake City’s City Clerk is appointed by the City Council. The Lake City, City Clerk’s Office, staffed by award winner Audrey Sikes and her Deputy Clerk, Michelle Greene, known collectively throughout Florida as Lake City’s Sunshine Girls, have set the bar high for Clerk’s Offices throughout the state.

Audrey Sikes and Mayor WittWhenever one sees the Mayor at a meeting, one is sure to see Clerk Sikes. (January 2012)

The best measure of the Clerk of the Year is what her coworkers and others have to say about her. Columbia County’s long time County Manager Dale Williams even tried to hire her away from the City. “I know how good she is, I tried to hire her...,” he told the Observer last week.

Deputy City Clerk Michelle Greene:

"There is nothing good to say about Audrey. But seriously, having worked with her for over 6 years; she is absolutely a professional. She is dedicated to the Clerk’s profession, every day, and I can’t imagine anybody more deserving."

"She understands the principles of the Sunshine and Public Records Laws and she understands her obligation to do things the way they are intended to be done. That is what she does - always putting the spirit of the laws before politics."

Audrey Sikes at union negotiations
City Clerk Sikes at a union negotiation session in February 2012.

City Councilman George Ward:

"In my tenure as a Lake City Councilman we have had two other clerks. Audrey is really sharp and efficient. She understands the Sunshine and Public Records laws and has an excellent grasp of them. She doesn’t play the political game. She does what’s right for the City."

City Utilities Director Dave Clanton:

"Audrey has always been an outstanding person. Many times the first public official a person from the public comes in contact with will be the City Clerk when they are looking for a record or other information. Besides being super efficient, Audrey always has a smile and is an ambassador for the City and good government. She goes out of her way to help."

Audrey Sikes backs up the City Manager
Clerk Sikes takes notes in the background as City Manager Johnson ponders a question at a Community Redevelopment meeting.

Chamber of Commerce:

Sonja Meads, Administrative Assistant: "I went through the Dale Carnegie course with Audrey. She is always consciousness and a pleasure to work with."

Denelle Decker: "It is not surprising that Audrey was selected to receive the award as City Clerk of the Year. Audrey is always very helpful to the Chamber and a pleasure to work with. We are proud to have Audrey represent our City in such a positive manner and congratulate her on a job well done."

And from the County:

Audrey Sikes at the 911 Combined Communications Center
Clerk Sikes takes notes at the only meeting of the City/County joint 911 Combined Communications Center Executive Committee. (January 2011)

The County’s number two, Administrative Manager Lisa Roberts: "The City of Lake City is very fortunate to have Audrey as an employee. My business experiences with Audrey have been handled in a courteous, professional, and expeditious manner. She is very deserving of the Clerk of the Year Award."

The County’s long time County Manager Dale Williams, known in many circles as “Mr. Columbia County” had this to say:

"Audrey is an excellent example of what a City Clerk should be. She is answerable to the City Council and keeps the Clerk’s Office independent of City politics. As far as public records are concerned, the City Clerk’s Office under Audrey’s leadership has set an example for all public officials across the state and she has earned her title as the Sunshine Girl. The award for Clerk of the Year is well deserved and I don’t know what took them so long."

Lake City, City Manager Wendell Johnson did not respond to a request for a comment.

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