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Amy Overstreet: Looking To Fill the Top Spot at the Tax Collector's Office

Amy Overstreet

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – The race to fill the top spot at the Columbia County Tax Collector's Office is heating up with four candidates in the running to fill the spot of retiring Tax Collector Ronnie Brannon. Amy Overstreet, with 19 years experience at the Tax Collector's office, is in the running.

The Tax Collector

There is no representation without taxation and the job of the Tax Collector is to collect the taxes and assessments that your other elected, and in some cases appointed, representatives levy.

Ronnie Brannon, Tax Collector
On Inauguration Day, Jan. 4, 2021, Ronnie Brannon will have served in the Tax Collector's Office for 34 years, 16 of which he will have been the Tax Collector.       (Observer photo)

The elected county office of Tax Collector in Florida was established by the State Constitution in 1885.

Tax Collectors are elected by the registered voters in their county and serve a term of 4 years. The Tax Collector is a Constitutional Officer.

Over the years, the Tax Collector's Office responsibilities have expanded to include: registration of motor vehicles, mobile homes and vessels; applications for title for motor vehicles, mobile homes and vessels; issuance of hunting, fishing, and driver licenses; applications for concealed weapons licenses and renewals; issuance of birth certificates; making applications to vote.

Who Is Amy Overstreet?

Amy Overstreet's roots in the community go back generations.

Ms. Overstreet graduated from Columbia County High School in 1992 and then moved on to Suwannee Vo-Tech where she received a Technical Certificate to become a  Certified Nursing Assistant and went on to work at Lake City Medical Center for seven years, concluding her employment in the operating room.

In 2001, Ms. Overstreet was hired by Tax Collector Ray Walker and began her employment working behind the counter.

She has worked in all the departments and is now working as a Finance Specialist in the Finance Department.

Family – Friends – Coworkers

Ms. Overstreet has been married for 27 years to Shane Overstreet and has two daughters, Shayna 26 and Shelby 22, and three grandchildren.

Dr. Miguel Tepedino
Dr. Miguel Tepedino

Your reporter spoke with Dr. Miguel Tepedino, a local physician and governor board appointee, about Ms. Overstreet.

Dr. Tepedino told the Observer, "I just feel like somebody who doesn't garner the attention as the other candidates – this is me as a human being, not as a board member, not as a doctor. This is just me, Miguel Tepedino, caring about somebody."

Dr. Tepedino continued, "I have known Amy for many years. I have a tremendous respect for her strong community roots, trustworthiness, and commitment to the County. She has worked her way up the ladder and would do a fine job as Columbia County Tax Collector."

Past Finance Director Sandy Bristo Snyder in an email, said of Ms. Overstreet, "Amy worked alongside of me for many years in my role as Director of Finance for the Tax Collectors Office. I always felt assured that the office could run smoothly in my absence, as she is a self starter and always eager to learn as much as she can in every area of the Tax Collector’s office. Amy is not afraid to make decisions and assume responsibility when necessary."

Ms. Snyder continued, "Amy has worked or been trained in just about every area of the entire office. She is very attentive to detail, dedicated to customer service, and conservative in budget spending."

"I was very fortunate to have her work on my team."

Amy Overstreet (center) with daughters Shayna (left) and Shelby (right)
Ms. Overstreet with her daughters Shayna and Shelby.

Tax Collector Ronnie Brannon said, "The Tax Collector's Office is getting more complicated."

He also mentioned that the Office handles millions of dollars in cash a year.

Finally, your reporter asked Ms. Overstreet why she wanted to be Columbia County's Tax Collector.

She answered, "I have been working in the Tax Collector's Office for almost twenty years. I am familiar with all areas in the Office."

Ms. Overstreet continued, "I want to help the community and my co-workers. I've always liked to help people."


Tax Collector Brannon said, "All three people running from this Office have experience and are qualified and I wish all of them good luck."

Mr. Brannon said he is remaining neutral.

Ed:  When we get the information, we will be doing similar articles on the other candidates running for Columbia County Tax Collector.

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