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TDC Flat-Field Expansion Meeting Held at Midday Purpose: Keep Public Input, Out | Introduction

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Thursday's 12 pm November 29, 2018 special meeting of the TDC was very special. While it is not clear when the County fathers decided to label it a special meeting, it was eminently clear that the timing of the kickoff meeting for the $42,000 single bid flat field study was timed so that no member of the Columbia County working public, i.e., coaches, parents, team members, or anybody else could attend the meeting, ask questions and provide input. Nobody did, including three County commissioners, who were out of town.

Columbia County's Secret Land Deals

The saga of the Columbia County secret land deals continues. Unlike Amazon, who let everybody in the universe know that they were looking to expand and looking for proposals, Columbia County is doing its land looking, evaluating and dealing on the sly. See: Sports Dev Part IV: Ignoring the FL DEO Financed $29,000 Plan, TDC Votes for Secret Land Deal.

In this, Part VI of the continuing sport tourism saga, we report on the run-up to the last Thursday's November 29 Special Meeting, which has turned out to be another Columbia County 5 Abbot and Costello event.

Part VII will cover the run up to last Thursday's Special Meeting in depth.

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