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Duke Energy 'All-In' On Solar Power. New Florida Solar Farms Will Install 3-Millionth Solar Panel

Ariel photo of Duke Energy's Columbia County solar farm, with headline: Duke Energy solar farm in Columbia County. Duke's One Millionth solar panel is here.
Photo: Duke Energy  |  Columbia County Observer Graphic

City Clerk Audrey Sikes and Fire Chief Randy Burnham with copy: Fire Chief calls a truce with City Clerk Audrey Sikes, withdraws complaint.Fire Chief Calls a Truce With City Clerk, Withdraws Complaint, No Investigation: “I didn’t want to put that burden on the taxpayers.”

A full house in Lake City, City HallReplacing the City Manager:  Pt I – Helfenberger Officially Gone; Foot Dragging City Attorney and City Council Costs Taxpayers Thousands

City Councilman Jake Hill makes a point.Replacing the City Manager: Pt II - Councilman Greene Wants a Headhunter; City Atty Predicts Fields “Likely to be Next City Manager”

Lake Shore Hospital Authority: Dragging Its Feet on Medical Care, Putting a Hold on the Rush to Reclaim Downtown Property From the City

Ami FieldsOn the City Docket Tonight: Council to Decide Next Steps For a Permanent City Manager

Columbia County: Elsa Is Here, It Could Have Been Worse

Lake City, City Hall: Elsa May Cause Evacuation As Winds Rise

City Manager Joe HelfenbergerCity Manager Helfenberger Responds to City Council Allegations: He Will Not Litigate if City Honors His Contract

City Attorney Fred Koberlein Took 'Poetic License' with City Manager Joe Helfenberger’s Suspension Language. How Much Is Too Much?

Columbia Cnty Econ Dev: Water to Plum Creek-Weyerhauser-Mega Industrial Park? 15 Years & Counting

Eugene Jefferson and Joe Helfengerger with caption: Would the City Manager stay? All eyes were on veteran councilman Eugene JeffersonCity Manager Joe Helfenberger Suspended for 45 Days Pending a Final Resolution for His Removal

Town of Fort White To Get $75k From Columbia County Taxpayers For the Privilege of Providing It With Clean Water

Columbia County Courts and Others Getting Back to Normal, ‘Sort Of’

City Manager Joe Helfenberger Terminates HR Director. Other Directors Ask Him to Reconsider: Public Records and IT Security the Issues

City Attorney Fred Koberlein Invokes the Winnie-the-Pooh ‘Factor’ To Explain Fuzzy Resolution Title & Mystery $84k Prefab Building

Columbia County: Civilian Review of the Sheriff’s Office Nixed – Sheriff Say’s He Does It Himself

Lake City Medical Center Investing Additional $36 Mil In Improvements

Fourth Kayaktivism Event Scheduled for Saturday, May 29, on the Santa Fe River: Depleting the Springs and Plastic is the Issue

The Wait is Over: FWC’s 2021-2022 Manatee and Sea Turtle Decals Are Here

Lake City Shooting: 1 Dead, 1 Wounded

Nature as Economic Development

Supreme Court Decision on ACA: Big Win for Floridians

Proposal Would Guarantee Access to Abortion Across U.S.

Hurricane Season Is Here, FL Dept. of Health: “Make a Storm Disaster Plan - Now”

Florida Sued Over New ‘Big Tech’ Social Media Law

After 40% drop in 2020 visitors, Florida’s Tourism Industry Rebounding

Florida TaxWatch ‘Budget Turkeys’: Down, But Still Too Much Murk in Project Spending

Global Prayer Challenge On the Anniversary of George Floyd's Death

Innovation: Broward College Strives for Better Workforce Recovery

Third Federal Lawsuit Filed Against New Florida Vote-By-Mail Restrictions

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