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LSHA At The 5: Straw Poll To Do Away With the Authority Will Be on the Nov Ballot. Commissioner Williams Looking for the Hundred-Year-Old Man

Commissioner Ronald Williams with headline: Finally, a straw poll on the future of the LSHA

Back From the Brink of Extinction, a Tiny Bird – the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow – One of North America's Rarest Birds

Florida Grasshopper Sparrow
Photo: Marianne Korosy via Audubon FL | Columbia County Observer graphic

LSHA: $125k Hyped-Up Parking Lot Expense. Meridian-Financed With $57,151,934 of Taxpayer Money. Lake City City Manager Look Alike Contest

Lake City City Manager Don Rosenthal (left); Assistant City Manager Dee Johnson

LSHA: Meridian’s Don Savoie Brought a Dog & Pony Show To the Lake Shore Hosp Auth. Quality  of Meridian Care – Outcomes – Nobody’s Talking

Photo: source unknown - fair use | Columbia County Observer graphic

LSHA: Gov's Board Blows Off County 5 & Discussion of Non-Binding Referendum to Dissolve the Authority

Gov's. Lake Shore Hospital Authority Board listens to public comments on Monday evening.
Gov's. Lake Shore Hospital Authority Board listens to public comments on Monday evening. Screenshot | Columbia County Observer graphic

LSHA: Meridian CEO Don Savoie to Appear Tonight. After the Lies & Misinformation, Will the Gov's Board Bring Up Meridian Quality of Care?

Meridian CEO Don Savoie sat through the Jan. 8, 2023, LSHA meeting without saying a word. The only action he took at the meeting was checking his watch. | Columbia County Observer graphic

Columbia County Rum Island Park: More Than Just a River Front. A Gift From Mother Nature & the Federal Government – Too Much To Handle For the Columbia County 5

North Central Florida Regional Planning Council: Executive Dir. Scott Koons Ignores Florida’s Sunshine Law

CareerSource Florida Crown Consolidation Debacle Continues: Light At the End of the Tunnel

Razor Wire Around Meridian’s Proposed Mental Health Facility At Lake Shore Hospital? How Did We Get There?

Columbia County Auditor Selection Committee: Trouble With the Sunshine Law – Was the Fix In Right Out of the Gate?

Florida Gateway College: Scholarships Going Unused – 2nd STEM Bldg. Not Completely Funded

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Trump’s Classified-Documents Case Tossed By Judge Aileen Cannon

Florida Commission on Ethics: Chaining the Toothless Watchdog

Seatbelts: If You Don’t Think or Think Seatbelts Don’t Save Lives, Think Again. Traveling on July 4 – Buckle Up

It’s Bat Maternity Season: Be on the Lookout for Bat Moms & Their Baby Bats

Another Trump Presidency: What Would It Mean For Health Care?

Abortion Access Designated Amendment 4 On 2024 Ballot

MLK Day: A Look back at Dr. King and the Nobel Peace Prize & a History of the Lake City Logo

On the 50th Anniversary of Endangered Species Act, Protecting Rice's Whales (estimated 100 left) and Others With This Landmark Legislation

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