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Lake City’s City Manager Search, Cheese & Crackers II: Thomas Thomas meets a handful of citizens

Lake City City Manager candidate Thomas Thomas meets Glenel Bowden and Lester McCullum

Illustration of black hole with caption: Lake City city manager search. More trouble - more questionsLake City's City Manager Search: More Questions In Another Lake City Mess – Glen Adams Part-III

Photo of City Manager Candidate Glen Adams in Lake City, City HallLake City, City Manager Candidate Glen Adams: His Philosophy ‘Teamwork & Wins’ – His motto, "Do it right the first time"  (Part-II)

Lake City's City Manager Search Continues With Cheese & Crackers – Where’s the Community?  (Part I)

Photo of wrench with Caption: Wrench thrown into city manager search. Another 12th hour reveal by city managementLC’s City Manager Search Goes Sideways: Candidate Interviews Split – Public Kept in the Dark – Two Councilmen Not Happy - One MIA

Woman in middle of road with map. Caption: Lake City is choosing a city manager. What's the plan?Lake City’s City Council Is About To Choose a New City Manager: What Is It Going To Do? How Is It Going To Do It?

Image of hand coming out of the sea with caption: Lake City 2021, the year that was. It was not a good yearLake City 2021: The Number One Story in Columbia County Was Lake City

Old Lake City Logo with caption: Choosing a city manager: Lake City's most important decision since the civil warCity Council Picks Two City Manager Finalists: Councilman Hill Has a Favorite, Sampson Calls a Dead Heat, Witt & Jefferson Agree on Top Two

Chicks and eggs with caption: City Manager Search: After everyone goes home, the City Council hatches a planLake City’s City Manager Search Turns Into A Surprise After Everyone Goes Home

Photo of cloud over river with caption: City Manager Mike Williams submits resignation. Paul Dyal to run city as city manager search progressesInterim City Manager Mike Williams Submits Resignation, Paul Dyal to Run City as City Manager Search Progresses

Renee Narloch appears at the City CouncilHeadhunter Takes Center Stage In City Manager Search. Councilman Hill: Only Council Member to Share His Requirements for City Manager

Photo of hand coming out of the sea with caption: Lake City is looking for a city manager, tonight a desperate city council weighs inCity Manager Search: Tonight the Public Get Its First Look at the Candidates and the Headhunter

LSHA: With an Illegally Constituted Board, Part-Time Exec Dir Dale Williams Wants to Begin Searching for a Hospital Tennant All Over AgainLSHA: With an Illegally Constituted Board, Part-Time Exec Dir Dale Williams Wants to Begin Searching for a Hospital Tennant All Over Again

Photo: blackboard-know the rules: Caption - the Columbia County 5, not big fans of its own rulesColumbia County 5: Hollingsworth the New Chair. First Meeting Time Changed to 9:30 am. Public Notice & Comment – "What's That?"

Photos of city council members and city attorney with caption: Lake City's District 144 seat stays vacant. City Council and attorney delay-delay-delayBefaithful Coker Further Delayed in Taking Her Seat on City Council. City Atty Fails to Respond in Time to Judge’s “Order to Show Cause”

Abortion: A Big Issues to Watch in Florida's 2022 Legislative Session

Florida Prisons Ban Greeting Cards and Handwritten Letters: there is backlash

Pollution Killing Manatees:  Earthjustice To EPA ‘Stop the Pollution’ or ‘We’ll See You in Court’

SPLC Condemns Removal of FL Dept of Ed LGBQT Anti Bullying Portal: Urges Immediate Return

The Wampanoags Helped the Pilgrims Survive for Their First Thanksgiving – They Still Regret It

American Freedom: Who Does President Joe Biden Think He Is Forcing Life Saving Vaccines & Libtard Facemasks On People?

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