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Chauvin-Floyd: "A Defining Moment for Policing" – "What We Need Is Transformation"

Derek Chauvin with George Floyd inset. Copy, Chauvin-Floyd: The Verdict, "A defining moment for policing."
Chauvin-Floyd image: the Jasmine BRAND | Observer graphic

Olustee the Monument, April 15: A Dance by Columbia County To Deny Its Real Plan, To Wash Its Hands of the Monument

Mother and community activist Bea Faithful Coker addresses the City Council and Chief Gilmore. Columbia County Observer photos and graphicLake City Police Chief Argatha Gilmore Makes It Clear, She Answers to Nobody in Lake City

Lake City Medical Center: $1.6 Mil Investment In Robotic Surgery

Olustee - ‘Second Thoughts’: Commissioner Robby Hollingsworth Shows Up At City Council, “It’s kinda’ strange, but here I am.”

Olustee, the Monument That Keeps on Giving, Now in the Hands of the Columbia County 5

Lake City Utility Advisory Committee Back on Track Again. City Administration and Attorney Faux Pas Cause Consternation – Confusion

Lake City – Columbia County, Utility Progress: While They Met About Gas – The Theme Was Cooperation

Daniel Sweat attending his first City meeting, with copy: Daniel Sweat, LC Assistant City Manager, left no stone unturned in his resignation letterAsst. Lake City Manager Daniel Sweat Resigns. His Resignation Letter Will Live as His Legacy About His Views of Lake City and His Co-Workers

Lake Shore Hospital Board membersLSHA Tonight:  Jacksonville’s ACE Medical to Make a Presentation to Your Neighbors, the Governor’s Hospital Authority Board

Lake City’s Assistant City Manager Under Investigation: Will he dodge the bullet again?

Olustee Park & Monument:  County Attorney Foreman Says, “‘Give (Lake) City a deed,’ and make them say no.”

Photo of Olustee battlel obelisk with copy: Olustee Battle Obelisk in a downtown Lake City park, owned by Columbia County. What is the County's next step?Lake City Legal Opinion: Olustee Park – Home of Confederate Monument – Owned By Columbia County

City Councilman Todd Sampson and Commissioner Rocky FordLake City & Columbia County Finally Smoke a Utility Peace Pipe. Agree to Cooperate

Lake Shore Hospital Authority:  Foot Dragging By Governor's Board Costing County Taxpayers $80k Plus a Month

Tampa Bay Braces for Algal Outbreak After Toxic Wastewater Leak

Equity: What Does Anti-Racism Mean for Your Medical Care?

FL's Plan for Fed COVID Aid Should Boost Those Hit Hardest by Recession, Advance Equitable Policies, Set the Stage...for Recovery

Florida Missing Out On Available Medicaid Funding in COVID-19 Relief Package

Violence – Bullying Condemned After Chiefland Middle School Girl Assaulted in Cafeteria: Did Administrators Look On?

Florida Vaccine Favoritism: Text Messages, Hospital Statement Give Legs to Claims Against DeSantis

New Report: Average Wage Theft Rate in Florida Will Persist Without More Vigorous Enforcement

Sen. Baxley’s Big Idea: Taking scholarship money away from college kids who want to major in useless subjects like art, history, philosophy

Florida 'Anti-Riot' Bill May Be DOA in FL Senate, Advances in House

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