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FWC: You Can Help Protect Florida's Nesting Waterbirds

Snowy Plover mother on nest.  FWC photo
Snowy Plover mother on nest.  FWC photo

Photo of Werner's Lake City terminal with copy: Made in America, Werner Enterprises Opens in Lake City-Columbia CountyWerner Enterprises Opens in Columbia County: New Lake City Terminal Goes On-Line

Town of Fort White Utility Slam-Dunk Foiled: Lake City and Private Utility Rain on Fort White - Columbia County Parade

Pt I – The Fort White Columbia County Connection

Town of Fort White Utility Slam-Dunk Foiled: Pushback --The Rest of the Story

Part II – Plus, Serious Attorney Ethics Problem

Chief Judge Feagle’s Term Unanimously Extended, Judge’s Updated Court COVID-19 Plan Released

Lake City Residents Looking for Police Oversight By a Civilian Complaint Review Board, Not an Advisory Council

Lake City Vice Mayor Appears Before the County 5 to Discuss City Utility Policy & the City Budget: His Appearance Not Sanctioned by the City Council

Columbia County's Legislative Delegation Gets a Visual: Bottled Water Is Also About the Bottles

Lake City & Columbia County: Finally, On the Cusp of Getting Their Utility Act Together

Lake Shore Hospital Authority Has Been Striking Out For Years. Sitting on a $23 Mil Cash Stash, Now It Has a Chance to Get It Right

Lake City's Resolutions, Ordinances Have Issues: City Attorney Koberlein Invents New Legal Term

Lake City Not the Regional Utility Anymore: It's Now Up To the City Council Decide What It Wants the Utility to Be - Time Is Running Out

The Real Threat to Free Speech? Florida's Courts

Legal Notice Law Breezing Through House, Senate Will Be the Decider

Columbia Cnty Legislative Delegation On-Tap for Tuesday at 2 pm

Does the First Amendment Apply to Social Media Companies?

Florida Bill Targets Facebook, Twitter, and More After Decisions to Ban or Suspend Pres. Trump

Schwarzenegger Compares Capitol Mob Violence to Kristallnacht Destruction by Nazis In Viral Video

Air Force Veterans of Plutonium Dust Disaster Win Class Action Standing In Law Suit Against the VA

Conservationists Decry Trump's Rollback of Migratory-Bird Protections

Trump's Invaders Capture the Capitol Rotunda

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