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James D. Carter, Jr. Takes City Council Seat: The Only One in the District Who Wanted To Serve

James Carter takes the oath of office for LC City Council

Lake City Council Should Be Respected – More Importantly – So Should the Citizens

Photo: Jan Persson/Redferns/Getty Images | Columbia County Observer graphic

Fort White Gwynn Farms Subdivision: Mayor Ronnie Frazier, “There is still a golden opportunity for the Fords & Ft. White…”

Ambulance at speed with headling: Florida Legislators paying attention to state's health care professional shortageFL Lawmakers Paying Attention to State's Health Care Professional Shortage – Mental Health Getting a Boost

Lake City City Manager Search 2024: Ranking the Candidates & Next Steps - Tuesday In City Hall

Use the information in this story to rate the candidates

Handicapped Accessibility Still an Issue On Reserve Flush Columbia County LSHA Campus & County Leased Elections Complex (Duval Place)

Lake City City Manager Search, Applicants-Part II Final Nine Applicants Released – City Council Gives  Search the Silent Treatment

LC City Manager Search, Applicants – Part I First 13, Where They’re From, Education, Present Positions & Resumes

Mayor Witt did not add a discussion about the City Manager Search for Monday night's Council meeting.

LSHA: On the Docket – Meridian Behavioral Health. Will Political Expediency Stand In the Way of Common Sense & Quality Behavioral Care?

FGC Charter School: Two Years In the Making, Still In the Starting Blocks, Another Columbia County Mess

Lake City Mayor Stephen Witt: How Much Did He Know About the City Attorney Resignation & When Did He Know It?

Mayor Witt's comments do not jive with the facts.

Lake City City Attorney Resigns This Afternoon – City Council This Evening – Mums the Word

Dyal Severance Issue  tipped over the apple cart

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Another Trump Presidency: What Would It Mean For Health Care?

Florida Voters Should Have the Right to Vote On Abortion

Abortion Access Designated Amendment 4 On 2024 Ballot

MLK Day: A Look back at Dr. King and the Nobel Peace Prize & a History of the Lake City Logo

Governor DeSantis’ State-of-the State: Top Dems Impressed, But for the Wrong Reasons

On the 50th Anniversary of Endangered Species Act, Protecting Rice's Whales (estimated 100 left) and Others With This Landmark Legislation

Florida Teachers Sue to Block Anti-LGBTQ+ Pronoun Ban

Another Sex Scandal – Another Victimized Woman Brought To You By the Party of Piety, Traditional Gender Roles and Family Values

Sociology on the Chopping Block In Florida Colleges

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