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CareerSource Florida Crown: Again, No Meeting Notice – 12th Hour Agenda – Executive Director Ignores Attorney's Advice To Follow the Law

CareerSource Florida Crown: Legal Notice is not for them
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Lake City’s Michelle Cannon, Deputy City Clerk, Earns the Certified Municipal Clerk Designation

Michelle Cannon, Deputy City Clerk, gets pinned
Michelle Cannon, Lake City's Deputy City Clerk, now a Certified Municipal Clerk. City Clerk Audrey Sikes, makes it official on Monday night, pinning her iwith the official FACC pin.

City Manager’s First Recommendation Shot Down: P&Z Board Application Process – A Mess

Lake City: Tonight’s Council Meeting –  A New Beginning For LC & the End of the 'Dead Zone'?

Trump: Unanimious Verdict, Guilty On 34 Felony Counts In NY Hush Money Trial

If You Are Govenor DeSantis, How Do You Pick a Supreme Ct. Judge? Ans: By Blocking Out the Sun

LC City Manager Search: After Almost 3 Years, Lake City Has a City Manager With a Contract

LC City Manager Search: New City Manager Contract Based on ICMA Model – Involuntary Servitude Included

LSHA: 4 Years, $3 Mil Later, Down to 16 Clients, the Gov’s Illegal Board Is Handing Off the Latest Batch of Prospects to Manager Dale Williams

County Residents To Get Severe Weather Event Debris Relief

LC City Manager Paul Dyal: $1/4 mil Severance -  City Council Votes to Investigate Investigating

LC City Manager Paul Dyal: Before Resigning, Mr. Dyal Was Hired In Alaska – On the City Docket Tonight – Dyal’s Severance Pay

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It’s Bat Maternity Season: Be on the Lookout for Bat Moms & Their Baby Bats

Lake City Council Should Be Respected – More Importantly – So Should the Citizens

Another Trump Presidency: What Would It Mean For Health Care?

Florida Voters Should Have the Right to Vote On Abortion

Abortion Access Designated Amendment 4 On 2024 Ballot

MLK Day: A Look back at Dr. King and the Nobel Peace Prize & a History of the Lake City Logo

Governor DeSantis’ State-of-the State: Top Dems Impressed, But for the Wrong Reasons

On the 50th Anniversary of Endangered Species Act, Protecting Rice's Whales (estimated 100 left) and Others With This Landmark Legislation

Florida Teachers Sue to Block Anti-LGBTQ+ Pronoun Ban

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