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City Labor Atny to Firefighters: "We understand your position is the firefighters are underpaid."

photo of city firefighters and city manager
Every firefighter that could attend the negotiations, did. In the foreground, City Manager Joe Helfenberger.                                                               Photo: Columbia County Observer

Florida Lawsuits  Challenging Local Mask  Mandates Not Flying in Court

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Scott Rivkees being led out of a presss conference after failing to tow the company line.As the Coronavirus Ravaged FL, Gov. Ron DeSantis Sidelined Scientists and Followed Trump

George, Breonna, Ahmaud, Trayvon  . . . What Now, White America?

Photo of Commissioner Tim Murphy with copy: are  public records about the record or the person requesting them?Columbia County a Model of Public Record Access – Commissioner Tim Murphy Has a Problem

John Lewis Passed:  America Mourns a Titan

stethoscope and  covid man: 607,000 newly uninsured; 3.1 mil adults without health insuranceFlorida: 607,000 Newly Uninsured; 3.1 Mil Adults Without Health Insurance

LSHA: With  Shands at Lake Shore Going Down for the Count, Not One Word On Tonight's Agenda About Its Eminent Demise or the Future

Columbia County's Rum Island Park: Rules & Fees on Center Stage in Fort White

After 92 Years, Lake City's Confederate Olustee Memorial Will Finally Get a Public Hearing

CRC: The Douglas Amendment – Controlling County Surplus Funds With Incomprehensible Language

Despite Legal Challenges, Local Mandatory Mask Orders Sweeping Florida

Florida Dems:  Special Session Needed to Distribute Federal Coronavirus Assistance

Charlie Keith speaks with a future voter.Charlie Keith Officially Launches Race for Bucky Nash's 'County 5' District 3 Seat

Rebekah Jones, Fired GIS Scientist, Filing Whistleblower Complaint Against Florida

Hand gun with copy: [Florida] nation's highest concealed-weapons-licenses-per-capitaRenewed Wave of Firearms Purchases By Floridians

City Manager Joe HelfenbergerLake City Charter Revision, City Manager Helfenberger to Revisit Enhanced Public Notice

Coronavirus Spiking: 100,207 Pos, Deaths 3,173 Anyone Can Get It, DOH free testing in Fort White

Columbia County 5 Say "No" to 2021 Residential Trash Assessment: saving residents $4,000,000

Models Confirm Florida Coronavirus Resurgence, Warn of Catastrophic Consequences

Florida Sunset wth copy: Florida - trouble in paradise, coronavirus spikeGov. DeSantis: Surging Coronavirus Cases Fueled by 'High Risk' Floridians, FL Deaths Nearing 3,000

New Yorker Cover of George Floyd

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