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Befaithful Coker Sues Lake City for Sunshine Law Violation & Other Things: Does It Understand?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons - The Marx Brothers | Columbia County Observer graphic

Vacated City Council Seat Filled By Secret Ballot: 'Good Ole' Boy' Stephen A. Douglas Gets the Nod

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Tonight At 5 pm the Lake City Council Will Select One of Five Candidates to Fill Its Vacated Seat

Photo of thinking woman with caption: Tonight the council will vote to fill its empty seat. It will demonstrate what it collectively thinks are important qualifications for a city council member.
Photo: Jonathan Cosens-Photography via Unsplash | Columbia County Observer graphic

Photo of empty chair with caption: 4 City Councilmen will vote to fill one empty seatThe Clock Is Counting Down: 4 Councilmen Will Choose a Member to Fill the Vacated Council Seat

Vanessa George with caption: Not everyone saw "Olustee" in the same lightLC’s Olustee Festival: Controversy Highlights the Granting of the Festival Permit and its Name

Battle of Olustee: What really happenedCity Council Approves Olustee Battle Festival Permit (3-1):  The Battle of Olustee, this is what really happened

David Young, Lake City Director of Growth ManagemengLake City Growth Management Director David Young Resigns: His departure does not look like a good thing for Lake City

Lake City negotiating team and Fraternal Order of Police negotiating teamLCPD Union and LC Getting Closer to a Game Changing Agreement – Fair Pay & Retaining Officers Priority No. 1

photo: Florida Gateway College meeting with Lake City and Columbia CountyThe Great FGC – Columbia Cnty – LC Pow Wow: Not Exactly Kumbaya, But All Met In the Same Room For the First Time

Photo of Mike Williams in City Hall audience, with caption: It's official – again – Mikee Williams is interim Lake City, City Manager, but not withouut a couple of bumps in the roadIt’s Official – Again – Mike Williams Is Interim LC, City Manager, But Not Without a Couple of Bumps in the Road

Interim City Manager Mike Williams with caption: Interim City Manager Mike Williams at the Police Union negotiations last Thursday. Has the LCPD completed his background check?On the LC Docket Tonight, Mike Williams for Interim City Manager: Where Is His Application?

Lake City Council ChambersMike Williams Gets Nod for Interim City Manager: MIA at the meeting & no resume. Councilman Hill, “That’s How They Do Business in Lake City.”

Ami Fields photo with caption: Interim City Manager, a promise lost of Greek proportionsInterim LC City Manager Ami Fields Resigns, Un-Resigns, Resigns Again: Today 9 am – Next Steps

photo of Lake City Interim City Manager Ami Fields with caption: Interim City ManageInterim Lake City, City Manager Stays Put: Coup Fizzles After Mayor Admits All He Has Is “Hearsay”

Representative Chuck Brannan and Senator Jennifer BradleyCounty Leg. Delegation Today at 1 pm: Will also be broadcast live over County’s Youtube channel

Fire Chief Randy Burnham at the July 28 union negotiation.Lake City Fire Chief Randall “Randy” Burnham: A straight-up guy who backed his men 100%

Commissioner Ronald Williams with caption: "There got to be some kinda problem. He wouldn't be asking for a meeting."FGC President Calls for Joint City-County-College Meeting to Discuss Issues of Concern

photo of City Council with caption: More confusion at the city counci. Now it's raises for city workersAll City Workers To Get $15hr – Almost; City Council Confused About Other City Raises

Photo of Lake City Interim City Manager Ami Fields with captionCity $60 Mil Budget Hearing Kicks off at 4 pm. Salaries, Staffing, & Other Things May Be Discussed. Will the City Manager Speak Out?

Photo of Com. Hollingsworth, County Aty Joel Foreman, Com. Tim Murphy, Asst. County Mngr. Kirby, County 5 Chairman Rocky Ford, Com. Toby Witt, with the caption: Milling around trying to figure it out. Commissioner Ron Williams, "That's Bullshi!t ya' all."The Columbia County 5 Fort White Fiasco: Legal Meetings Are Difficult for Them & County Attorney Joel Foreman

City Councilman Chris Greene reads from his TRIM notice.Councilman Greene Leads Sneak Attack to Cancel Budget Workshop; Important Issues Pushed Aside; Public & Employees Left in the Lurch

Mayor Steve Witt and Councilman Chris Greene with caption: Only Mayor Witt and Councilman Greene recognized the inadequacy of the contractCity Council Approves Ami Fields Interim City Manager Contract (3-2): Contract is Incomplete

City Clerk Audrey Sikes and Fire Chief Randy Burnham with copy: Fire Chief calls a truce with City Clerk Audrey Sikes, withdraws complaint.Fire Chief Calls a Truce With City Clerk, Withdraws Complaint, No Investigation: “I didn’t want to put that burden on the taxpayers.”

A full house in Lake City, City HallReplacing the City Manager:  Pt I – Helfenberger Officially Gone; Foot Dragging City Attorney and City Council Costs Taxpayers Thousands

City Councilman Jake Hill makes a point.Replacing the City Manager: Pt II - Councilman Greene Wants a Headhunter; City Atty Predicts Fields “Likely to be Next City Manager”

Lake Shore Hospital Authority: Dragging Its Feet on Medical Care, Putting a Hold on the Rush to Reclaim Downtown Property From the City

Ami FieldsOn the City Docket Tonight: Council to Decide Next Steps For a Permanent City Manager

Columbia County: Elsa Is Here, It Could Have Been Worse

Lake City, City Hall: Elsa May Cause Evacuation As Winds Rise

City Manager Joe HelfenbergerCity Manager Helfenberger Responds to City Council Allegations: He Will Not Litigate if City Honors His Contract

FL Finally Applies for Critical Children's Grocery Benefit: Approved For More than a $Billion

FL Poised to Pass Up Millions in Fed Food Assist. Over 2 Mil Low Income Children At Risk

Compliance Issues Continue to Plague the SVTA: Following the law and its own rules continues to be problematic

With COVID Cases Surging in FL & Its Jails, FL Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers Calls For a Return to ZOOM

Duke Energy 'All-In' On Solar Power. New Florida Solar Farms Will Install 3-Millionth Solar Panel

The Wait is Over: FWC’s 2021-2022 Manatee and Sea Turtle Decals Are Here

Lake City Shooting: 1 Dead, 1 Wounded

Nature as Economic Development

Supreme Court Decision on ACA: Big Win for Floridians

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