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County 5 – Town of Fort White Utility Pow Wow. Com. Hollingsworth Does Everything But Ask Everyone to Hold Hands & Sing Kumbaya

Columbia County Observer photo & graphic

County 5 - Town of Fort White Set To Meet Tonight: Utility Issues, Water & Wastewater On Tap

Teepee with headline: County5-Fort White utility pow wow
Photo: Keith Davis via Pixabay  | Columbia County Observer photo & graphic

FSU-FDOT Long Range Transportation Study A Success In Fort White – Lake City Languishes

Clerk of the Courts Jay Swisher and son William review the County transportation projects
Clerk of the Courts Jay Swisher and son William rank the transportation projects as FSU Planner Peyton Russo looks on. | Columbia County Observer photo & graphic

Meridian Behavioral Health Took Center Stage at the LSHA: Former Employee, Counselor, and Clients Gave Meridian the Thumbs Down

The Wampanoags Helped the Pilgrims Survive for Their First Thanksgiving – They Still Regret It

County 5 Strong Arm Tactics Work – Fort White Headed to Lake City For Meet-Up

Columbia County 5 vs. Sheriff Mark Hunter

LCPD Patrol Officers to Sergeants Get $9,500 Raise –  Now Have Parity With Sheriff’s Office – $45k Starting Salary

LSHA: Meridian Behavioral Services On the Docket Tonight. Looking Past the Meridian Glitz & Outsized Salaries, Is It Providing Quality Services & Care?

Meridian Behavorial Healh Care: Voices to be heardThere Are Voices To Be Heard Before the Vacated LSHA Hospital Is Gifted To Meridian

Interested in the Future of Transportation in Columbia County? The Fort White Community Center Is the Place to be Tonight

Columbia County 5 vs. Town of Fort White, Good Will and a Partnership, or Outright Extortion?

County 5 Has a Busy Day In Lake City Today: TDC & Fort White On the Docket. Confusion & Lack of Effective Leadership Causing Confusion & Trouble

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Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Says “No” to Circuit Court Consolidation

CDC Report: 30% of Black, Hispanic, & Multiracial Women Reported Mistreatment During Pregnancy and Delivery

Florida Gateway College "FGC" Holds 35th Annual College Night – Tonight

Florida Gateway College Announces Free Childcare For College Students & Employees

Gov DeSantis Removes Another Elected State Atty FACDL: "Governor Exceeded His Authority"

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