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Real news from Florida for working families since 2007

Clay Electric: “Prepare to be without power for extended period”

Clay has 18,088 Columbia County Customers

Ian Is At the Doorsteps-Advisory 25-Storm Cone

County Dodging the Bullet

Ian Is At The Doorsteps-Advisory 25-Wind Cone

LC City Council Gives City Manager Paul Dyal Three Free Passes: Turns Down Investigations Into Violations of City Policy

Columbia County Is Going Into the Eco-Tourism Business & Is Working On a Master Plan

TDC Director Paula Vann: The American People Paid $330,000 for a Master Plan, Ms. Vann Doesn’t Want to Release It

City Clerk Audrey Sikes - Dissapointed With Lake CityLC City Manager Spectacle Continues: Mayor Stephen Witt, Councilmen, and the Public Weigh In – Not a Good Look for LC

Modern City Image with headline: Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, it does. Councilman Sampson lays it out.LC City Manager: Dyal, Back in the Interim Spot. Councilman Sampson Claims Lack of Vetting,  Policy Ignorance & Treatment of Women at Issue

City Manager Paul Dyal with headline: City Manager Paul Dyal. What Price Loyalty? Who Pays?LC City Manager Paul Dyal, Looking for Loyalty – Gives City Workers Friday Afternoon Off With Pay


County Fire Assessment:  Rates On Fire – Final Decision Next Week

FGC Bass Fishing Team Ranked No. 1 in S. East Competing in National College Championship

Everett Phillips, After a Clean Election Campaign, Regains His County 5 Seat


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‘Don’t Say Gay’ Strikes Fear In Teachers and Students of All Ages

More Florida Public School State Aid Headed To Private Schools. Advocates Call For More Transparency

LSHA: Retired Gen. Says, “Build a Medical College, Keep Taxes Low & Working in a Powerful Way”

Enlist a Doctor's Help: Experts Urge Thinking Beyond the Basic Back-To-School Physical

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Billions in Funding

Rolling Stone Reports: Donald Trump Complaining FL Gov “mirroring” him

Saint Leo U-Lake City Offering Free Youth Mental Health Workshop

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