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City Attorney Finds Council Appointment Of Sylvester Warren to P&Z Unconstitutional, Then Keeps His Opinion Out of the Public Eye.

City Attorney Todd Kennon with headline: City Attorney Todd Kennon. He knew Sylvester Warren's appointment to the P&Z was unconstitutional. He never mentioned it.

Lake City Florida: Another Popcorn Night Coming Up. This Time It's the P&Z. Will the Council Follow City Manager Dyal and Remove Sylvester Warren?

Sylvester Warren with headline:

North Central FL Counties Meet To Discuss Forming a Regional Utility Consortium. Greg Bailey, Pres. of NFPS Thinks – The Time Is Right

CCSO: Deputies Refuse To Seek Entry Into Garbage & Fly Infested Residence In Which At Least One Infant Is Believed To Reside

Columbia County Economic Development:
Staz Guntek, County Legislative Expert  Reports

HCA's Lake City Hospital Celebrates $36 mil Expanded Emergency Room – Part of Planned $141 mil Expansion

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Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders Impact Veterans

FL Lawmakers Getting Serious About Dental Health:  Add $500k for 2024 Mission of Mercy; $2 mil for Oral Health Education

New College of Florida:  Students Feel 'Trapped' in 'Hostile Takeover'

Florida Policy Institute Renews Call for Occupational Licensing Reform During ‘Second Chance Month’

700 Square Miles of Coastal Habitat Being Protected off Florida’s West Coast

FL Lawmakers Consider Expanding Mobile Dental Units: Florida Last In Child Dental Care

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