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Lake City Finally Gets Its Agenda Act Together:  City Clerk Takes Over, Sets the Rules & Deadlines

Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran at Boggy Creek elementary schoolFlorida Schools to Stay Open, State Will Fully Fund On-line Learning During Pandemic

Photo of woman on beach. Copy: Florida Legislature EEC predicts tourism rebound in mid-2020. Others, not so fastFlorida Legislative Economists Project Mid-2021 Turnaround For Florida's $90B Tourism Industry

Columbia County's Highest Officials & County Atty Claim Annual Contract Purchasing Policy Never Written Down, Then Make Up Stories About It

Lake City Swears In Councilman Todd Sampson, Councilman Jake Hill, and Mayor Steve Witt

Jim Poole, Columbia County Chamber of Commerce Director (2010)Columbia County Econ Development
Plum Creek Mega Industrial Site:
14 Years Later – Still No Utility Plan

FL Channel screen shot of DeSantis. Copy reads election 2020, FLorida Repubicans deliverDemocratic Momentum Fails to Materialize, DeSantis & Republicans Deliver

Election Day 2020: How Columbia County Voted on Issues of ImportanceColumbia County/Lake City Issues & Ballot Initiatives That Matter to All

Columbia County Attorney Joel Foreman's Facebook page where he is in a circle in front of Abraham Lincoln. The copy reads: What was he thinking?County Attorney Joel Foreman Authorizes Illegal Advertising for "Yes" Votes on Charter Amdts

Faux Fort White faux Facebook page by Mayor Ronnie FrazierTown of Fort White Mayor Sets Up Faux Facebook Page, Makes It Look Like the Town Endorsed Him

Florida TaxWatch pie chart comparing state and local taxesFlorida TaxWatch: Growing Disparity in State and Local Taxes

FDOT District I Secretary, LK NandamM-CORES: SWC Corridor Taskforce Rolls Back FDOT's Vision of Consensus

Deep-Sea Coral Hotspots Get New Protections in Gulf

LSHA: Gov's Board Approves $7.5 mil Investment No One Asks About the Rate, Ignores FL Statutes

Photo of Florida Panthers with copy: M-CORES: It could be the end of the florida panther and a whole lot more. 25 billion of new toll roads. Is that what Florida really wants?M-CORES: 93% of the Public Against, Rural Florida at Risk, FDOT On-The-Spot

Obamacare Open Enrollment: Navigator Help Is Available Now

National Catholic Reporter Congratulates Joe Biden: "Looking forward to a dignified, honest leader"

Shaping a Better Future By Recognizing the Interdependence of the World

Limiting the Powers of the Federal Government:  At the Core of Our Constitution

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