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Columbia County Courts and Others Getting Back to Normal, ‘Sort Of’

City Manager Joe Helfenberger Terminates HR Director. Other Directors Ask Him to Reconsider: Public Records and IT Security the Issues

City Attorney Fred Koberlein Invokes the Winnie-the-Pooh ‘Factor’ To Explain Fuzzy Resolution Title & Mystery $84k Prefab Building

Columbia County: Civilian Review of the Sheriff’s Office Nixed – Sheriff Say’s He Does It Himself

Lake City Medical Center Investing Additional $36 Mil In Improvements

Fourth Kayaktivism Event Scheduled for Saturday, May 29, on the Santa Fe River: Depleting the Springs and Plastic is the Issue

photo of police with caption: a plan for police oversight for Lake City.Lake City Police Advisory Review Board: Councilman Sampson Has a Plan

Lake City Police Advisory Review Board: The Workshop – It Wasn’t Pretty

Mandy Rand Zooming to the cloudLake City IT: 3 Men Couldn’t Do What LC’s Former IT Director ‘Could,' Proving It Takes a Woman

Worker holding stop sign with copy: County puts cart before horseColumbia County Residents About to Get Slammed: Building Permit Fees Headed Skyward – But First The County 5 Must Follow the Law

Woman reflected in computer monitor with caption: Gone: women in Lake City IT. Councilman with 5 daughters want a report.With the Departure of Lake City IT Director Mandy Rand, Prof. Florida/N. FL Women Not Surprised at Her Treatment

Lake City IT Director Quits - Tells City Manager: “Another attack would destroy my career, jeopardize the City and my family.”

Olustee the Monument, April 15: A Dance by Columbia County To Deny Its Real Plan, To Wash Its Hands of the Monument

Mother and community activist Bea Faithful Coker addresses the City Council and Chief Gilmore. Columbia County Observer photos and graphicLake City Police Chief Argatha Gilmore Makes It Clear, She Answers to Nobody in Lake City

Proposal Would Guarantee Access to Abortion Across U.S.

Hurricane Season Is Here, FL Dept. of Health: “Make a Storm Disaster Plan - Now”

Florida Sued Over New ‘Big Tech’ Social Media Law

After 40% drop in 2020 visitors, Florida’s Tourism Industry Rebounding

Florida TaxWatch ‘Budget Turkeys’: Down, But Still Too Much Murk in Project Spending

Global Prayer Challenge On the Anniversary of George Floyd's Death

Innovation: Broward College Strives for Better Workforce Recovery

Third Federal Lawsuit Filed Against New Florida Vote-By-Mail Restrictions

FL, With the 5th Lowest National Unemployment Benefit, Leaves Laid-Off Workers to Make Do as Businesses Get Relief

State of the Art Green House Coming to Lake City. Green Life Farms Will Grow 3 mil Pounds of Environmentally Friendly Produce Yearly

2020 Census Apportionment Results Delivered to the President - Population: 331,449,281

How to Communicate When an Employee Leaves, Essential: a Standard Operating Procedure

Florida Senate Boosts Unemployment Benefits – Showdown Set With House, Governor DeSantis

Earth Day: Environmentalists Push to Save Bees

Chauvin-Floyd: "A Defining Moment for Policing" – "What We Need Is Transformation"

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