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Lake Shore Hosp Auth: After 3 Years & 3 Mil Dollars, Illegally Constituted Authority Board Agrees to Deed Hospital to Meridian

Lory Chancy's heart was always in the right place – she believed in the value of a municipal hospital

Lory Chancy and Jane Creel with headline: Lake Shore Hospital Authority Member Lorry Chancy, with help from her friend, voted to give Merician the hospital.
Photos: Columbia County Observer | Long time Board member Lory Chancy (left), listens to her friend and former Board member, Janet Creel.

SRWMD Makes A Surprise Visit to the Columbia County 5 About FEMA Flood Maps – It Would Have Been Nice If the Public Knew

County 5 Extends Idalia Debris Pickup Deadline to October 1. Still Have Trees, Limbs, Branches – You Can Deposit Them In the County Right-a-Way

Sports At Florida Gateway College: “Building Better People” & “A Good Deal For Everyone”

Lake City City Manager Paul Dyal Resigns: Gave His Required 1 Month Notice Today

Forward Thinking By the County 5 Gives Lake City the Opportunity for Federal Help With Hurricane Idalia Cleanup

Lake City Spirals Out of Control – Again. The September 5 Council Meeting Degenerated Into Audience Outbursts and Racist Name Calling

Columbia County to Receive Federal Help With Hurricane Idalia Cleanup. FEMA to Pay 75% For Trees & Tree Parts Left Along the County Right-of-Way

County Chairman Rocky Ford Resigns From Joint Fort White – Columbia County Utility Committee

Fort White Gwynn Farms Subdivision: Citizens Gather

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CDC Report: 30% of Black, Hispanic, & Multiracial Women Reported Mistreatment During Pregnancy and Delivery

Florida Gateway College "FGC" Holds 35th Annual College Night – Tonight

Florida Gateway College Announces Free Childcare For College Students & Employees

Gov DeSantis Removes Another Elected State Atty FACDL: "Governor Exceeded His Authority"

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