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City Council Votes to Keep Councilmember Befaithful Coker From Taking Her Seat: Chooses Litigation to Keep Seat Vacant

Map of Florida graphic with Judge David W. Fina and copy: Florida has its eye on Lake City. Veteran Circuit Court Judge David W. Fina will determine what Florida sees
Florida map: Kjrstie via Pixabay| Photo of Judge Fina and graphic: Columbia County Observer

City Attorney Koberlein Squeaks in Under the Wire With Request for Council Advice; City Clerk Publishes Improper Notice

Photo of apple with bites missing and caption: Judge to Lake City: Stop! No more botes of the apple. The City couldn't get that right, either.Judge Squashes City’s Third Bite at the Apple: Orders City to explain why Befaithful Coker should not take her seat on the City Council

Image of circus clown with copy: the Lake City Circus ContinuesLake City FL: Filling a Vacated City Council Seat Has the Council Flying By the Seat of Its Pants

Photo of the earth rising from the moon with caption: Lake City lost in space.Befaithful Coker Robbed of City Council Seat: Lake City Makes Up the Rules as it Goes Along

Befaithful Coker at the meeting's conclusion, with daughter Victoria and son Michael.Befaithful Coker Fills Vacated Lake City, City Council Seat on Sixth Motion:  Stick-to-itiveness and a do-over paid dividends

Vacated Council Seat Now Down to 3 Candidates. Chasteen Drops Out. City Manager Reconsiders When He Found Out

Photo of the Marx Brothers on the phone with the caption: Lake City Florida - Is the City Council Listening? Is Anyone Taking the Council Seriously?Befaithful Coker Sues Lake City for Sunshine Law Violation & Other Things: Does It Understand?

Woman whisppering with caption: Vacated City Council Seat Filled by Secret BallotVacated City Council Seat Filled By Secret Ballot: 'Good Ole' Boy' Stephen A. Douglas Gets the Nod

The Wampanoags Helped the Pilgrims Survive for Their First Thanksgiving – They Still Regret It

American Freedom: Who Does President Joe Biden Think He Is Forcing Life Saving Vaccines & Libtard Facemasks On People?

Advocates Call Build Back Better Essential For Environmental Justice

FL Unions: Pulling Out of OSHA Would Risk Health and Safety of Millions

FL Finally Applies for Critical Children's Grocery Benefit: Approved For More than a $Billion

FL Poised to Pass Up Millions in Fed Food Assist. Over 2 Mil Low Income Children At Risk

Compliance Issues Continue to Plague the SVTA: Following the law and its own rules continues to be problematic

With COVID Cases Surging in FL & Its Jails, FL Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers Calls For a Return to ZOOM

Duke Energy 'All-In' On Solar Power. New Florida Solar Farms Will Install 3-Millionth Solar Panel

The Wait is Over: FWC’s 2021-2022 Manatee and Sea Turtle Decals Are Here

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