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Tomi S. "Stinson" Brown Running for Columbia County Supervisor of Elections

Tomi Brown registering voters
Ms. Brown at an event registering voters.                                             (Photo: Facebook)

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Tomi S. "Stinson" Brown is throwing her hat in the ring to succeed Columbia County's popular Supervisor of Elections Liz Horne, who, after 16 years, has decided not to seek another term.

Supervisor of Elections

Supervisors of Elections are elected in each Florida County. They are Constitutional Officers (read: independent), serve a term of 4 years and are not term limited.

Liz Horne, Surpervisor of Elections, during the November recount
After 16 years on the job, Liz Horne is not seeking another term.    (Photo: Supervisor Horne at last years vote recount)

The Supervisor of Elections maintains all records related to voter registration: updates and enters new registrations; is the custodian of all documents related to voter registration.

The Supervisor of Elections can appoint as many deputy supervisors as are necessary. The deputies and the supervisor make sure everything that goes through the office or relates to elections complies with the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, or the Help America Vote Act of 2002.

The Supervisor makes proper voter registration procedures available to any individual, group, center for independent living, or public library in the county.

The Supervisor keeps a list of residential addresses to verify the legal addresses of voters in the county; coordinates with county 911 service providers, property appraisers, the United States Postal Service, or other agencies, to ensure list accuracy and provides it to the statewide voter registration system.*

Tomi S. Brown:  Experience

For the past six years, Ms. Brown has been the Executive Assistant Supervisor of Elections and has been with the Supervisor of Election's (SOE) Office for 13 years.

In 2008 Ms. Brown volunteered to be a poll worker. She told the Observer, "I didn't realize poll workers were paid."

After being hired, Ms. Stinson Brown worked the counter, registration, canvassing, and other duties in the Supervisor's Office.

Ms. Brown has also worked with the legislature and the legislative delegation on things regarding rule making and issues that concern Columbia County.

Education and Family

Ms. Brown is a lifelong resident of Columbia County and a Columbia High School graduate.

She met her husband Bruce Brown in high school; has been married 37 years; has two daughters and five grandsons.

Ms. Brown co-owns B and B Marine with her husband.


Out of town, Ms. Brown contacted your reporter via email her thoughts on the job.

"I plan to increase community outreach and use voter registration drives to achieve a 10,000 voter increase for Columbia County. My end goal is to reach as many members of the community as we can to improve their efficacy, 'Because Just One Vote Can Make A Difference.'"

She continued, "I have a compassion for people and hospitality and feel I can serve the people of Columbia County as Supervisor of Elections."

And she concluded, "I’m out of town with very low cell service. I hope this makes it to you."

*Supervisor of Elections duties summarized from Ballotpedia.

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