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Lake City's Mainstream Media: Lake City Reporter A Growing Deception of News Coverage

Dear Mr. Bridges,

The misleading article on campaign finance in Friday's paper is troubling and deceptive. What is the benefit of reporting different month’s reports for different candidates versus the cumulative totals?

Every season members of the public are forced to sit back during election season and watch the Lake City Reporter pick and choose what will be reported about particular candidates. Why not just report accurate news and provide appropriate follow-up? This year is no different. Financial contributions have been reported in cumulative totals for some candidates and initial contributions for others.

You report residency questions for some candidates and ignore others. Stop spoon feeding the public in what many believe to be a deceptive agenda of news coverage. It is wrong!

By the way, the campaign to Elect Befaithful Coker for City Council District 14 has a cumulative total of $426 in contributions, not the $50 initial contribution to open the bank account. 

Even more, you spent three weeks covering residency questions for Clarence Tucker, now two pages on Linard Johnson, and not a word on Stephanie Finnell.

Stop feeding a selfish agenda of selling papers at whatever the cost and report the news.

Maybe it's time for some at large positions if the citizens deem fit, but instead of providing facts to make a determination about what's going on with residency and leadership the issue has become a tabloid section and it's distasteful.

While I support local news coverage, I share the belief with many of a growing deception of news coverage to advance personal opinion, which if we desired, we would seek individually and not be forced to cough up $1.00 under the guise of news.

Befaithful Coker is a life long Lake City resident and a candidate for City Council, District 14

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