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Lake City Florida: The tale of the tape, the Stars and Bars saga continues

Lake City, FL – Yesterday afternoon and early yesterday evening, the state leadership from both the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the NAACP were in Lake City, again. Two weeks ago, both organizations said they would be back. They were true to their word. While the Observer works on last night's story, due to popular demand, the Observer is making available the audio from July 16th's meeting, along with the Chief Gilmore, LCPD power point presentation. In their own words, you can now easily hear and find the complete remarks of all the speakers on both sides of the line.

Most of what was said last night in Lake City's Richardson Community Center was a restatement of the remarks of the 16th.

Again, the local branch of the NAACP did not come to a decision.

Neither Chief Gilmore, nor City Manager Wendell Johnson came to the Richardson Town Hall meeting. City Councilman Jake Hill was there.

The NAACP's Dale Landry, along with State President Nweze, articulated most of what Mr. Landry said on July 16th. Now you can listen to his remarks, along with those of R.L. Gundy of the SCLC.

You may wish to listen carefully to Chief Gilmore's remarks, where she explained that the serious issues facing Lake City and the LCPD could have been brought up at a Breakfast With the Chief.

You can download the audio and power point of the July 16th meeting here.

You can view and download the legend below, as a pdf file, here. It is self explanatory. For those of you who are not familiar with the media players in your computer, look for the timer and you will be able to go directly to the speaker of your choice.

The Chief Gilmore audio is on a separate audio volume, along with the motion by Councilman George Ward and the 5-0 vote in support of both Chief Gilmore and City Manager Wendell Johnson.

Audio Legend from the July 16, 2012, Lake City, City Council Meeting: Available for viewing and download here.
Lake City Florida: Police Chief & City Manager in, Confederate Flag - Jury Out.  Photos of most of the speakers are available in the article.
The audio files and the Chief Gilmore, LCPD power point can be downloaded here.
Audio File Number One:  ... The Speakers
Audio File Number Two:  .... Chief-Gilmore
Power Point:  ... LCPD_Power-Point_Chief Gilmore
Audio File Number One:  Speakers
0:01:23     Meeting introduction by Mayor Witt
0:01:26     City Clerk calls the roll
0:01:43     Approval of agenda; Mayor asks folks to be courteous while other speak
0:02:08     Mayor introduces John Mayo, President of the local chapter of the NAACP
0:03:44     Mayor introduces Pastor R.L. Gundy, President of the Florida  Southern Christian Leadership Conference
0:07:52     Mayor introduces Blondell Johnson, long time Lake City civil rights activist
0:08:28     Mayor introduces Pastor Clive Douglas, Pastor of the Community Revival Church, Lake City
0:10:53     Mayor introduces B Faithful Coker, Lake City resident and civil rights activist
0:14:34     Mayor introduces Dale Landry, President Tallahassee chapter, NAACP
0:21:16     Mayor introduces Lake City resident, Lawrence Fox
0:23:41     Mayor introduces Lake City resident and downtown business woman, Elizabeth Allum
0:26:53     Mayor introduces Ron Colson, President of the Southern Confederate Mechanized Cavalry
0:32:52     Mayor introduces LCPD Officer Gerald Ford
0:35:58            Mayor introduces H.K. Edgerton, South Carolina, President of Southern Heritage 441
0:45:25            Mayor introduces LCPD Officer Craig Strickland
0:52:46            Mayor introduces LCPD Public Relations Officer, Audré Washington
0:56:16            Mayor introduces Ronald Williams, Jr., son of Columbia County Commissioner, Ronald Williams
1:03:34            Mayor introduces Glynell Bowden, former City Council member and presently a staff member of US Representative Corrine Brown
1:13:23            Mayor introduces Dr. Lorenzo Dixon, Lake City property owner and Arcadia, Florida resident.
1:22:25            Mayor introduces LCPD Chief Gilmore:. Go to Audio File 2
Audio File Number Two: 12_0716_b_Lake-City_Stars-&-Bars_Chief-Gilmore
0:00:00            Mayor introduces Chief Gilmore
0:46:32            Mayor asks:  What is the pleasure of council? City Councilman George Ward moves for a vote of confidence of both the Police Chief and City Manager. The motion passed unanimously.

Graphic: Columbia County Observer

Audio recorded and edited by the Observer. All speaker's comments are complete.

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