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DeVos Sends Clear Signal: Student Loan Borrowers Won't Get a Break

FL's Opioid Crisis, Showtime at the Kabuki Theater

Lawmakers Seizing Chance to Expand Gun Use Under Cover of "Stand Your Ground"

Why Children Die (Part II)Clues in the Claims Bills

Why Children Die (Part I):  If Everybody's Responsible, Nobody's Responsible

VISIT clueless tourism officials in Brevard Cnty

Time To Get Rid of Red Light Cameras – Turn Up the Heat on Texting

Rape Kits Delayed Is Justice Denied: Part III

If You're Old Enough to Get Married, You're Old Enough to Have a Will

Burnout – Work-Life Balance – Negative Consequences

'Stand Your Ground' Lacks Common Sense, Legalizes Lethal Impulse

Jackie Pons to Taxpayers: D-R-O-P Dead (pt II)

Bad Nursing Homes Benefit From AHCA's Passive-Aggressive War on Transparency

Grieving Octogenarian Does Heartbreaking Heavy Lifting Gov't Won’t

Rubio Wimps Out on Town Halls: Surprised?

Hail Britannia: U.K. Could Teach U.S. a Thing or Two About Running Gov't

Florida's Heroin Epidemic A Public Health Crisis

FL Econ Dev Incentives: To Be or Not To Be?

Boys Are Smarter: Even Six-Year Olds Know That

Rape Kits Delayed Is Justice Denied

President Trump, You Won – Move On

Gov Scott Can't Condone Cuba's 'Oppressive Behavior':  What About China?

Florida's Children Live and Die at the Corner of 'Dickens & Orwell'

"Little Marco" Trump Was Right

Obama's Electoral Legacy: After 8 Years - Trump

Obama's Legacy: Foolish Hope of a 'Post-Racial' America

Ed Sec Betsey DeVos Could Mean More FL Charter Schools

FL's "Agricultural Economics" Leaves Rotting Foods - Empty Stomachs

Rubio Keeps Promise to Stand Up to Trump

Trump's Dream Team for Economic Success

Conservatives Outraged Streep Calls Out Trump

The Rep Better Idea for Obamacare: Let's Hear It

Office of Congressional Ethics More Important Than Ever

It's Resolution Time, Even at Work

In Her 80s, Susan Brownmiller Continues to Inspire

Can We Just Get 2016 Over With, Please?

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A Hesitant Adventurer’s Search for Wonder in the Natural World

Grandma Gatewood’s Walk

The inspiring story of the woman who saved the Appalachian Trail