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WEATHER:  Today Tonight
The County 5 - Last Night
The Blanche Is Here Again –  • County Atny Foreman's Analysis
Tonight's Agenda

Blanche Million $ Loan Goes Down 3-2
Next Up: City Manager Johnson's Fall Back Plan

Commissioner Scarlett Frisina was again the swing vote.

The Blanche – The County Million $ – The County 5 Tonight: "To be or not to be? That is the question"

Chairman DePratter

The Great Lake Shore Hosp Auth Land Give-a-way Financed by Columbia Cnty Tax Payers, City Scores

Contract Expires This Week for Postal Workers

Blanche Redevelopment Confusion: Com. Nash, "Everybody should get in a room and air it out"

Lake City: Looking for a Consultant for its Downtown Community Redevelopment Area

Sitel Bringing 700 Full Time Jobs to Lake City
Job Fair Monday, May 18

City Manager Johnson's Thursday Appearance At the County 5: It was not to address the Board

The Lake City Reporter Got It Wrong

Frisina Swings the Vote, Blanche Ducks a TKO
Lake City, County, Developer Regrouping

The Blanche Ducks a TKO
Lake City, County, Developer Regrouping

The Blanche Tonight:  Will Wendell Johnson's $17 mil Lake City Legacy Survive the County 5?

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Tonight, after multitudinous meetings with the Assistant County Manager, Ben Scott, and County Economic Development Director, Glenn Hunter, Columbia County's infamous County 5 will decide whether or not to front Lake City at least a million dollars on the derelict Blanche Hotel. Secrecy and secret finances were a hallmark of City Manager Wendell Johnson's time at the now mostly defunct dismal failure, the $30 mil North Florida Broadband Authority, of which he was one of the financial kingpins. Johnson now is the driving force in Lake City's Blanche project, one that has ballooned from $13.5 mil to $17 mil in seven months.

FL Rep. Matt Gaetz Tweet: Racist Content Impossible to Miss

Gov. Scott's Contempt of Court Must Be Stopped

Tainted FBI Evidence Puts Florida Convictions in Doubt

Experts: Team Up to Support Kids with ADHD

Lake City's Gulf Coast Financial Awarded Small Business of the Year

Posted April 25, 2015  12:01 am

LAKE CITY, FL –  Local financial practice, Gulf Coast Financial Services, Inc. (Gulf Coast), was recently awarded Small Business of the Year by the Lake City-Columbia County Chamber of Commerce.

'Skunkie' Patriarch Passes Out in Small Claims Court: "Lake City Reporter put me over the edge"

Posted April 24, 2015  08:15 am

Blanche Hotel Developer Equity Skyrockets 850%: What is The Real Investment?

Johnson's Legacy Inflating: Blanche Price Tag Now $17,000,000 from $13,675,000

School District Auction Goes off Without a Hitch
Laptops, Monitors, Video Cameras: MIA

Posted April 20, 2015  07:10 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL –  Saturday's Columbia County School District (CCSD) auction went off without a hitch. The surplus school buses were lined up like giant yellow caterpillars. Inside the warehouse were tables, chairs, kitchen equipment, and screen printing equipment. Many of the items looked new or nearly new. There was also a tire changer, vehicle jacks, and welders. Laptop computers and computer equipment that some folks came to buy was MIA.

Everett PhillipsPhillips Leads The 5 in 3-2 Quality of Life Split
Planning & Zoning Board Overruled

Posted April 17, 2015  07:20 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL –  Last night, The Columbia County 5, in a 3-2 split, led by Dist. 4 Commissioner Everett Phillips, turned back the Planning & Zoning Board (P&Z) and voted in favor of quality of life. The question before The 5 was:  should they overrule the P&Z's decision to change the use of 110 acres from very low density, 1 dwelling per acre, to industrial. Randy Jones, the County's Building Dept. Director, presented nothing locating the property during the public hearing.

Report: Working FL Families Would Benefit From Medicaid Expansion

Lake City Reporter: A Newspaper You Can't Trust
Handmaidens to Columbia County's Good Ole' Boys

LSHA's Berry and LC's Johnson Ignoring the Needs of the Handicapped on the Authority Campus

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

•  Meeting Calendar

My Boobs: Should they stay or go now?

Big Shug & Rick Scott's Minions Poison Land Deal & Amendment 1

Gov. Scott Puts KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) Principle to Work in Healthcare Debate

Every Kid Needs a Family: Annie E. Casey Foundation

FL Gas Prices Have Not Moved In the Last Week: Average $2.61

Tougher Ozone Standards Needed to Help Floridians Breathe Easier

Gov. & FL Republicans: Winning "War on the Poor"

Life Is Sweet for Bees in Florida

FL Presidential Hopefuls: A Bumper Crop of Crazy

The Unavoidable Subject of Stupid

Slackers in the FL House Leave 800,000 Exposed

Ignore Fracking Charge: Support Common Sense Oil & Gas Regs

Medical Marijuana Amdt. Could Sway 2016 Presidential Election

Florida's Legislative Leaders Don't Trust Women

Rick Scott's FL: If the Flooding Doesn't Get You, Lack of Health Insurance Will

Rick Scott: Street-Walkin’ His Way to Washington

Five Year Anniversary of BP Oil Disaster Highlights Risks of Offshore Drilling in New Areas

Rick Scott Has Lost His Conscience – If He Ever Had One

Politicians Respond to Racist Dog Whistles

Education Reform Bill: Dishonest and Politically Cowardly

Campus Sexual Assault Exposed: "The Hunting Ground"

FL Legislature Doesn't Care What You Think

FL Gas Average $2.48 Last Week – Nat. Average $2.39

Bogus Allegations:
The Injustice of Guilty until Proven Innocent