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Lake Shore Hosp Auth Scott-Appointed Board Nixes Questions – Approves Nonexistent Agenda

"Don't Be Askin' Us"

Commissioner Bucky Nash Brokers $659,780 Backroom Deal With Sheriff Hunter
Road Deputies To Get Raises – Other County Employees?

Posted July 18, 2014  09:58 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Just when you think Columbia County's infamous County 5 can't outdo itself, it does. Last night, in an admitted backroom deal brokered by County Commissioner Bucky Nash and the County's external auditor and financial advisor, Richard Powell, The 5 gave the Sheriff $659,780 in current and future commitments for salary adjustments, while at the same time leaving its other County employees in the dark about their financial future.

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: $13 mil White Elephant For Sale? $4,000,000 Lost In Vacant Land Value

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SRWMD: Rainfall 25% Higher Than Average

WARNING: Lake Shore Hosp Authority's Jack Berry wants to know who you are if you make any comment about him, seemingly anywhere. If you don't care use your regular email. If you do, get an anonymous account. Jack Berry wants to take the Columbia County Observer off the air. Update on law suit coming soon. Beware, Jack Berry is a public official that can't take heat. He will come after you. With a little help from his friend's on the Governor appointed LSHA Board, public comments and photo's were banned.

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