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Marathon County 5 Meeting: Building Relationships With City - Reigning in the Sheriff

Confederate soldiers with headline: Funding Battle Continued at FGCOlustee Battle Festival: Funding Battle Continued at Florida Gateway College – Next Action Unclear

Foster-Care Placement Instability
Some Children: up to 35 homes in 2 years

MIAMI - The goal for the thousands of children in Florida's foster care program is to find forever homes. But a new tracking system developed at the University of Miami shows the dream for many children is short-lived. 

Denisha Moody and Atterria CrayFlorida Gateway College Celebrates Black History Month

I-75 U.S. 90 interchangeCounty Hotel Owners Complain About Homeless Under the Interstate at U.S. 90 – FDOT to Step In

Pt I  City Council Discovers 2014 Rules of Decorum Mayor Witt Asks All Speakers to Follow the Rules

Pt II  Mayor Witt Asks All Speakers to Follow the Rules - City Attorney Makes No Effort to Diffuse

Lake City Mayor Steve Witt Proclaims February Black History Month

Columbia County, County JailComprehensive 'Florida First Step Act' Could Supplant Many Already-Filed Justice Reform Bills

Saint Leo University Named as Top 10 Military Friendly School - Ranked 7th in Nation

Valdosta: Water Quality Testing for Wastewater Spills Benefits Everyone On the Suwannee

Battle of Olustee Festival:  Revisionist History Where Black Lives Didn't & Still Don't Matter

North Florida leaders agree to find a solution to pollutionNorth FL Leaders To Reach Out to Valdosta to Find a Solution to Raw Sewage Spills Floating Into N FL

Gov DeSantis Tilts FL Supreme Court to the Right

The Lake City Reporter: Keeping the Olustee Myth Alive – A New Twist on Letters to the Editor

Cnty 5: At $80k Each & Dealing With a Diminishing Public, The 5 Digs in With Insulting Behavior

Sen Bradley & Rep Brannan Came to Columbia Cnty Everyday Citizens Voiced Their Concerns

Col Cnty Leg Delegation Hearing Today at 1PM: You can make your voice heard

Gov DeSantis Poised to Remake Sup Ct - African Am Representation Zero

Fed Dist Ct Ruling Must Be Overturned - Millions in FL Could Lose Health Insurance

Marion Hammer -  NRA's Waning Reign? A Relic of a Violent, Hateful Past

All Our Elections Must Be Like Columbia County's: Trustworthy