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WEATHER:  Today Tonight
Lake City Monday Night Beginning 5:30 pm with Budget Work Shop
Agenda Agenda Packet Fire Assessment Study

Question Answered: Lake City & The Stars & Bars
City Agenda does not address the question (see following story)

Monday's Lake City Agenda Still a Question
Stars & Bars, City Manager & Council Go Sub Rosa

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Turned 25 "Act Helped Tear Down Barriers"

Benefits of Childhood Medicaid: Medicaid Turns 50

After 4 Decades Columbia County Drops the Ball on Audit Proposals: Management Bollixes Rankings

In a Flawed Process, After 4 Decades, County to Rank Auditing Proposals

Lake City Logo: The Discussion Began With City Manager Johnson & City Council in Stone Silence

Lake City Logo: Fair, Balanced, Symbol of Hate? Last Night in City Hall, the Discussion Began

UF/IFAS Hydroponic Veggie Workshop
"Made in the Shade" Wednesday, 5:00 pm

County's Audit Presentation a Bust - Again
Com. Williams Warns About Spending Reserves

Activists Blasting Oil Drilling in Everglades

Berry Pulls Agendas off LSHA Website; Authority Chair Blows off 1st DCA Unanimous Opinion

LSHA's Berry Must Comply With Public Records Law: 1st DCA Upholds Lower Court Decision

Florida Solar Initiative Moving Forward
AG Bondi Looking to KO the Initiative

Florida Fights EPA on Clean Water Rules

Lake City Proposed Tax Increase Negligible: $6.93 projected on a $100,000 home appraisal

Sturgeon Are Leaping in the Rivers of North FL Running Into Them Can Cause Injury or Death

Last hours of the Deepwater HorizonFlorida to Get $3.25 Billion in BP Settlement

$60 Mil Project Bark/Crystal Clear Goes South: Economic Development's Hunter Makes it Official

Coal Fired Power: National Mercury Limits Remain Supremes Remand Case Back to Court of Appeals

Lake City, Columbia County
Florida's Gateway to the Past

Columbia County 5: Gas & Cell Phone Taxes May Be on the Rise

Florida Health Activists Cheer ACA Decision

The County 5: Another Last Minute Change to the Meeting Schedule

County 5 Public Hearings a Sham: The 5 Ignore Rule of Law, County Attorney Gets it Wrong

Defenders of Wildlife Call on FL to Recommit to Panther Recovery

June Is LGBTQ Pride Month: Our Tomorrow Campaign Identifying Issues

Lake City Tries Again for $750,000 Parking Lot Grant: Will the 4th Time Be a Charm?

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

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GasBuddy Predicts $1.98 Florida Gas for Christmas

Big Sugar Has Conservatives Chasing Their Tails

Sheer Neglect Threatens Florida's National Parks

FL Supremes Take Command in Redistricting

Free Public Schools Can Help Break the Shackles of Poverty

July 23, 2015  07:05 am | Op-Ed

Looming Narrow Point of Law Could Clear Death Row

If You Are a Sex Criminal, It Pays to be Rich

Florida Should Be a Solar Power Haven

What Is Really "Fair Districting" in Florida?

Map-Drawing Mendacity Nearly Killed Democracy in Florida

Gov. Scott's Job Growth Puffery Masks Florida's Low-Wage Future

There Are Southerners Worth Knowing About Who Bring Pride to Our Region

Most Americans Are Not Virulently Racist – Words and Flags Aside

Supreme Court More Often Goes Astray

TTop State Pols Defend Florida's Right to Filthy Water

Controlled Burns Threaten Rare FL Butterflies

The Confederate Flag Must Go

Time Is Now to Take It Down: Heritage of Hate

An Unreasonable Woman: A True Story of Shrimpers, Politicos, Polluters and the Fight for Seadrift, Texas

Harvest of Thorns: We Won't Be Rid of Racism Until Elected Leaders Stop Using It

Take It Down Already! It's Toxic

Republicans Fret Supremes May Boot Obamacare

Jeb Cherry-Picks Where to Enforce His Faith

Pols Get Hot As Pope Warms To Climate Change: What's Next?

Beware of Jeb's Education "Revolution"