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The County 5 - Last Night
Agenda Joel Foreman's Medical Marijuana Moratorium

Columbia County 5 Passes Medical Marijuana Moratorium: Did Anyone Read the Ordinance?

On Tap at the County 5 Tonight: County Attorney Joel Foreman's Medical Marijuana Moratorium

Econ Dev Strategic Plan Committee Meets: More Interested in Massaging the Truth Than Telling It

Florida Horse-Slaughter Arrest Increases Push to Protect Them

Fort White Students Take Learning Outdoors

The Come-Back Kid: Jake Hill, After a 4 yr Absence, Took His Seat on the City Council

Cancer Mortality in N. Central FL: Col/Hamilton Cnty Health Dept  Administrator Comments

Mob-Like Settlement Agreement Leaves Former FSU QB Kelly Lowrey's Reputation Mired in Murk

Highest Cancer Mortality Death Rates in Florida? New Report Finds North Central Florida on Top

SVTA Administrator/Commissioner Sessions: Ignoring the Law Is Nothing New At the SVTA

Conservation: Chance for Bipartisan Action, Healing

Attorney Foreman's Rules Coming in December Robert's Rules, Still too Complicated for The 5

Joel ForemanCnty Attny Joel Foreman is Center Stage Tonight at the Infamous County 5: Rules - Rules - Rules

FL DOT, Dist 2, Schedules 12 Cnty Public Wkshop 3hrs Before Polls Close on Elec Day

Columbia Cnty Econ Dev Incentives: Home-Grown, Mom-and-Pops, Small Business Need Not Apply

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

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The Shame of Florida: Options on the Felon Vote

The Shame of FL: How FL's Felon Vote is Ruining Lives & Costing Taxpayers

FL Gas Average at $2.08

Our 'Flawed' Electoral College: Mistrusting the People

Hogan, Ifill, Rushing: Rest in Peace

Is Your Mug Shot in FACES Virtual Lineup?

And Now President-Elect Donald J. Trump: Wow

In Remembrance:
Janet Reno

If Babies Could Vote?

Medical Marijuana Could Be Big Election Winner in Florida

Is Trump On His Way to Winning Florida?

Money: A Clean Key Component of American Democracy

Will Trump Bring Rubio Down in Florida?

Amid Political Turmoil, ACA Open Enrollment Set to Begin