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Reversal of Plans, City Man Scrambling, Says Council Mbrs Won't Attend Spec Chamber Meeting

Suwannee Valley TA: Commissioner/Administrator Sessions, Not Sure Where the Money Comes From

Richard Corcoran: Don't Believe Hyperbole, Hysterics From Budget Critics

Computer Virus: WannaCry? No

The Blanche: Time for Straight Talking in the Sunlight by City Manager Johnson & IDP

International Cave Diving Conference Coming to Columbia County/Lake City

Columbia County's Strategic Plan: County Manager Misjudges Cost by 747%  (Part III)

Hours of Cnty 5 Meetings Highlighted by STEM Girls

Cnty's Strategic Plan Ranking Proposal Committee Met (Part II): "We can re-rank"

Another Strategic Plan for the Cnty 5: Who Needs the Econ Dev Director, or Anybody Else? (Part I)

Cnty Budget Season Officially Underway, Raising Taxes & Fees is The 5's "MO" This Year

Sheriff/Cnty Percent Based Budget Deal Leaves Deputies on the Short End of the Stick – Again

Frank Artiles Resigns From Florida Senate

Unequal Opportunity for Big Money CRA Grants Councilman Jake Hill Votes "No"

Unequal Opportunity the Hallmark of Lake City Downtown Redevelopment Big Money CRA Grants

FL House Approves Controversial State Retirement Changes

FL's Opioid Crisis, Showtime at the Kabuki Theater

Gov's Lake Shore Hosp Auth Bd Looks the Other Way as Berry Violates the Sunshine Law, Again

FL State Sen Rob Bradley Holding Office Hours in Suwannee & Columbia Counties, Wednesday

HAECO Ready in Columbia County: "Moldin' Kids In a Certain Way to Provide a Workforce"

Lake City CRA Tables $45,000 Facade Grant Request

Equal Pay Still Years Away for Florida Women: "Cultural Shift Needed"

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

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Judges Are Not Politicians, Nor Should They Play Politics

Elian Gonzalez, a Painful Chapter in Cuban-American History

Florida's Legacy of Hate: Groveland

FL Senate Needs to Act on Auto Insurance Reform

Why Children Die:  Alphabet Soup of Agencies Can't Drain the Swamp

Why Children Die: Clues in the Resignation Letters

Let's Hope Someone Loves Frank Artiles Enough To Get Him Some Help

There's Only One Ethical Course for the FL Senate to Take: Ethics?

FL & National Gas Highest Since Sept 2015

DeVos Sends Clear Signal: Student Loan Borrowers Won't Get a Break

Lawmakers Seizing Chance to Expand Gun Use Under Cover of "Stand Your Ground"

Why Children Die (Part II)Clues in the Claims Bills

Why Children Die (Part I):  If Everybody's Responsible, Nobody's Responsible