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City Mgr Search Back on Track, Field Narrowed to 13, Mayor Welcomes Q's From the Community

13 Finalist Applications & Rankings Available in Story

City Mgr Search Stalls - Starts. City Council in Disarray. Emerg Mtng Called - Conflicts w/The 5

Florida: 8th Highest Combined Gas Tax in Nation

Cake Walk For Former County Mgr Dale Williams: Gov's Board Top Pick for PT LSHA Manager

Curtain Comes Down on Berry Era: Gov Scott's LSHA Bd Will Select a New Auth Mgr

City Manager Applications Flood HR Before the Final Buzzer on Friday: Applicants From All Over

4th Grader Appears Before the Cnty 5:  "There's a Bullying Situation Going On At My School"

Gov Loses 1st Fed Appeal Ordering New Felon Vote Restoration Process: Could End up w/Supremes

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson Throws Hat in Ring For Florida House of Representatives, District 10

Florida Gateway College in Top 17% of LPN Programs in Florida: No. 15 in Ranked Programs

Conservation Groups Urge More Funding to Fix Wildlife Crisis

Federal Judge Enjoins Gov Scott From Enforcing FL's Unconstitutional Vote-Restoration Scheme

Native Plants Turn Backyards Into Nature Preserves

World Class Off-Road Racing in Lake City This Weekend at Southside Raceway: Free Admission

Floridians for Reproductive Freedom Denounce Gov Scott After Legitimizing Fake Women's Clinics

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

Increased Youth Activism May Not Correspond to Voter Turnout

The Expendables: There’s More to Life than Death

Floridians for Reproductive Freedom Denounce Gov Scott

I Love My Southern Roots, But --- The South Needs to Rise Again

FL Senate Removes Plan to Arm Teachers, Keeps Option for Staff