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The County 5 - Documents You Need
County Manager Contract • Cell/Home Phone Tax + 400% • BED Tax +20%
and the Ordinance that will put you in the poor house
The Special Magistrate

County 5 Blows off Tourist Development Council. Hikes tax, says it forgot to ask for approval. Did it?

Columbia County 5 Nixes Honest Taxation: Jacks Up Cell Phone, Business Phone, TV Taxes 400%

County Encouraging Low Paying Jobs
Offers $414,000 Bonanza for 32 of Them

Lake City Votes to Sanitize Its Logo: American and Confederate Flags Coming Down

The Council Deliberated 17 minutes

City Slides Confederate Battle Flag Onto Monday Night's Agenda 

Art Butler, 19.5 yr Veteran Dir. of Facilities Maintenance, Terminated: A "Set Up?"

Winner-Take-All-Winner Could Be Trump

Berry Announces $1,000 County Bonuses at Lake Shore Hosp Authority's Faux Budget Wk. Shop

Gov. Scott's Lake Shore Hosp Auth Has Public Dancing in the Dark

County 5 Covers-Up Bogus Rankings
Powell & Jones Gets the Audit Nod, Again

Columbia County 5 Economic Under-Development: Lack of Rules Hobbles The 5

Columbia County 5 Economic Under-Development: Another Bollixed Deal – Ambulance Co. on Ropes

Lake City Reporter Gets It Wrong on the Stars & Bars: What was it thinking?

Stars & Bars – the Conversation Continues
Mayor Witt, "I don't want a knee jerk reaction"

Defund Planned Parenthood Vote Today
Pro-Choice Community Fights Back

Monday's Lake City Agenda Still a Question
Stars & Bars, City Manager & Council Go Sub Rosa

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Turned 25 "Act Helped Tear Down Barriers"

Benefits of Childhood Medicaid: Medicaid Turns 50

After 4 Decades Columbia County Drops the Ball on Audit Proposals: Management Bollixes Rankings

In a Flawed Process, After 4 Decades, County to Rank Auditing Proposals

Lake City Logo: The Discussion Began With City Manager Johnson & City Council in Stone Silence

Lake City Logo: Fair, Balanced, Symbol of Hate? Last Night in City Hall, the Discussion Began

UF/IFAS Hydroponic Veggie Workshop
"Made in the Shade" Wednesday, 5:00 pm

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

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Our Country's Shameful Legacy of Poverty

Bill Day's Latest Cartoon

FL Anti SLAPP Law: Victory for Free Speech

If Hillary's Got to Go, Go Now

Unguarded Remarks: Do They Reveal the Real Jeb Bush?

Democracy in Florida Remains Lost In Spite of New Maps

Fox News Says, "Who Needs Journalism?"

GOP Takes its Lady-Parts Jihad to Planned Parenthood

We All Grieve in Different Ways on Different Days

FL Organizations Show Support for Planned Parenthood

Pro-life, Pro-choice: Still a Lightening-rod Issue

Gov. Scott Reaps Harvest of Sham from Planned Parenthood Fakery

FL Teacher Bonuses Tied to SAT Scores: Their Own

GasBuddy Predicts $1.98 Florida Gas for Christmas

Big Sugar Has Conservatives Chasing Their Tails

Sheer Neglect Threatens Florida's National Parks

FL Supremes Take Command in Redistricting

Free Public Schools Can Help Break the Shackles of Poverty

July 23, 2015  07:05 am | Op-Ed

Looming Narrow Point of Law Could Clear Death Row

If You Are a Sex Criminal, It Pays to be Rich