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4 Years After Opening Fort White Library in the Woods Gets Outside Lighting: What took so long?

Posted April 18, 2014  08:15 pm

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Last night after almost 4 years of inaction, The Columbia County 5, The 5, finally decided to pay to put lighting in the Fort White in the woods library parking lots. Dedicated in a private "invitation only" ceremony for The 5, some County staff, and County royalty in November 2010, the parking lots have remained unlit. The County claimed it couldn't afford the lights. During the intervening years, The 5 spent millions on anything they felt like, such as the $28k-$100k on the Boondoggle in the Boondocks debacle, or an outright donation of $80,000 to the Lake City Chamber of Commerce for a three year study to determine what you are thinking about before you buy a six pack of beer.

The County 5: Another New High or Low
Discovers Library in the Woods is in the Dark

Posted April 17, 2014  08:35 am | news/analysis

In Favor of 5¢ County Gas Tax Hike: Bubba Twelvepack Comments

County 5 Chairman Ronald Williams In Favor of 5¢ County Gas Tax Hike: 4 of The 5 Silent

Columbia County 5: Violate FL Law Then Approve 12th Hr. $500,000 Plus Real Estate Deal

The rule of law is what Florida's infamous good ole' boys say it is

The County 5 Tonight: Buried in the consent agenda tax incentives to an anonymous company

$18 mil Proposed Public Safety Communications Upgrade: Not Worth the Paper It's Written On

Suwannee Valley TA Under Microscope: OIG (Office of the Inspector General) Called In To Investigate

Suwannee Valley TA Moves Into 21st Century Commissioner Nash Says, "No Mas" to Secrecy
Suwannee County Com. Gamble seconds the motion

The 5 Barrel Ahead: Ignore Potential $5-$10 Mil Savings On $18,000,000 Communications System

Late Breaking: Chairman Williams wants to hear the Harris proposal

The 5: Putting County Workers at the Bottom of the Barrel

The 5: Money by relay.` Another quarter million headed to a School District that can't afford books.

The 5: Up To It's Old Tricks As Tonight's County Commission Docket Rolls Around

Floating On A Sea Of County Cash, The 5 Donate Another $200,000 to the School DistrictColumbia County 5

Emerald Lakes Special Assessment Ballot Fails
Tonight, Will The 5 Take Matters Its Own Hands?
Columbia County 5

Columbia County 5County 5 Sets 2014 Budget Priorities
Total Cost Could Be Over $100,000,000

Chairman Williams: You've got to think about raising taxes

Economic Development Advisory Board: Long time Commissioner Ronald Williams takes over the helm

He will bring $100,000s of suggestions before The 5 in Feb

Emergency Management Director Morgan Warns of Black Ice – Gives 5 P's of Cold Weather Safety
Columbia County Schools will be closed Tuesday
Gateway College will be open Tuesday

County 5, Big Business As Usual At 1st Meeting of the Year: Waste Pro may get $200,000 free pass

The County 5: The enhanced right to participate, "A little extreme for Columbia County," Com. Nash

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