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The Lake City Community Redevelopment Agency is requesting citizen volunteers to serve on a Community Development Advisory Committee.

The Committee is being formed. Lake City is accepting applications.

The Committee will consist of seven members and will be implemented in early 2011. Applicants must be City residents and/or operate a business within the City, preferably within the Community Redevelopment Area.

The primary responsibilities of the Advisory Committee shall be:

1.    Periodic review of the community Redevelopment Plan and when appropriate submit recommendations to the CRA for changes.

2.    Make written recommendations to the CRA on plan implementation, including developing an annual work program, setting project priorities, and developing incentives to further community redevelopment efforts.

3.    Hold public meetings for the purpose of receiving citizen input related to the Redevelopment Area and to report such information to the CRA.

4.    Evaluate and provide recommendations to the CRA on the expenditure or use of Local, State and/or Federal funds for redevelopment activities within the redevelopment Area.

Contact Jackie Kite for more information and to obtain an application:

City of Lake City
Jakie Kite, CRA Administrator
205 N Marion Ave
Lake City, FL 32055 (386-719-5766) 

via e-mail: Jackie Kite

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