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Suw Valley TA Chief Drops Ball Again: Advertises Bd Meeting W/Out Giving Name of the Authority


COLUMBIA, HAMILTON, SUWANNEE COUNTIES, FL – Suwannee Valley Transit Chief, Commissioner Larry Sessions of Suwannee County, has been challenged when it comes to advising the public of Suwannee Valley Transit Authority meetings. Commissioner Sessions has had to cancel a number of meetings because he was out of compliance with the laws.

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Tonight's Suwannee Valley Transit Authority Board meeting has been cancelled twice because of Com. Sessions's non-compliance with the laws regarding special districts. While Commissioner Sessions finally managed to get a legal advertisement published 7 days before tonight's meeting, he forgot to mention that it was the Suwannee Valley Transit Authority Board that was meeting.

Suwannee County Commissioner Larry Sessions had no government experience before being hired to run the troubled Suwannee Valley TA, other than having been elected as a Suwannee County Commissioner.

His experience in the transportation business was as a supervisor for UPS in Mayo, Florida. He supervised the delivery of packages, not people.

The mandatory requirement for the Suwannee Valley Transit Authority to advertise it meetings in a newspaper where legal notices are advertised is embedded in the Florida statues.

Commissioner Sessions sent the memo on the left to the area's media outlets and newspapers. The legal notice is on the right. The notice does not mention the Suwannee Valley Transit Authority for this important meeting.

The purpose of advertising is to give the public advance notice of the name of the governmental body that is holding the meeting and to give the public an idea of what is being discussed. 

The "Suwannee Valley Transit Authority" has its name plastered all over the empty buses that folks see driving around Lake City and other places.

It is not clear if anyone who has not heard of the Suwannee Valley Transit Authority would know what the "SVTA" is when it is used in a legal notice.


It is not clear if the inappropriate legal notice is by design, ignorance, or inexperience.

The third time is supposed to be a "charm."

Not for Suwannee County Commissioner Larry Sessions and the Board of the Suwannee Valley Transit Authority.

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