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Obama Not Born in US: Trump Has Proof

Obama not born in the United States!  Donald Trump has indisputable proof.  He produced photos proving the President is an alien sent here from the planet Krypton.  Amid wild cheers from fellow Republicans, Trump gave credit to his investigative team who worked tirelessly searching documents and old newspaper clippings. 

“Obama’s real name is Kal-El rocketed to earth by his father saving him from a dying planet; most likely run by Democrats,” declared the Donald. 

 Trumps team poured dozens of photos on the floor of the hall.  Witnesses describe Trump gleefully grabbing the pix.   “This is the space ship found in a Kansas cornfield.  This one shows the farmers who raised him.  There’s more!”

Those in attendance cheered and stomped on the floor. Cries were heard, “The Donald” for President, three cheers for “The Donald” and, “Only his hairdresser knows for sure!”

Other photos showed Obama working as a newspaper reporter for the Daily Planet, changing clothes in a phone booth and blocking a train.  A picture was shown of his girlfriend, Lois.  Concerns were raised by those present of an alien dating an American girl.

The mood was one of impeachment as several congressman promised to bring action to the House and demand a vote.

But the most damaging photo showed the President wearing a cape and tights flying over the Capitol. Trump claimed the photo was taken last week.  Trump proudly concluded that these and other pictures prove that our President, Barak Obama is not a U.S. citizen, was not born in the United States; in fact, he wasn’t born on this planet!

Reports mention an exhausted Trump accepting a bottle of Perrier.  Republicans present were dumbfounded.  The House Speaker was the first to congratulate him.  “Donald,” he is quoted, “You have done a great service to this nation exposing this alien.  More importantly, you have done an even greater service to the Republican Party.”

“We got him this time,” a triumphant Trump cried.  “We got him!”

Dr. Marc Yacht, MD is a semi retired physician living in Hudson, Florida.  This column courtesy of Context Florida. Humor

This piece was reprinted by the Columbia County Observer with permission or license.

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