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Economic reality, the next disaster

"A Life In Lake City" is a pseudonym because the 3 R's of tin-pot despotism -- revenge - retaliation - retribution -- are alive, well and flourishing in Columbia County.

Excellent commentary by Mr. Womer, who is objective about Columbia County's economic realities.  Only those who have lived outside Lake City-Columbia County area can see the true reality of life in this community. This area has potential, however, a realistic and adequate plan has not been established. Indeed new blood is needed in the economic development arena.

The County Commissioners have injected more bad blood with the takeover of economic development. Look at the history of the county events - the Ellisville utility project, the fire department, the communication center and emergency management services. Is the county manager competent if he did not advise the commissioners of the long term implications of their actions?   Maybe he and his network of friends benefit on the fringe financially from some of these projects.

 What is the next disaster?  Will it be emergency medical services?

The abilities of the commissioners are limited and the City of Lake City is not immune to problems. Columbia County is home to many people, who are struggling and believe local government officials are pursuing what is good for Columbia County.  Another misconception of the public is believing that local elected officials and government employees are professional, law abiding, trustworthy, responsible, have moral and ethical standards. Many times decisions are made beforehand and the Sunshine Laws are disregarded.  This type of activity occurs not only in our community.  

Persons who recognize and understand are afraid to take a stand for the fear of repercussions. Think about what happened to former county commissioner Jennifer Flinn when she stood up for good government.  Look at what happened after the primary election in August of last year. The Worm and Lemley were buried along beside the Observer Publisher in a mock grave on the courthouse steps. 

Taxpayers and residents open your eyes, become educated, attend the county commission and city council meetings.  See your elected officials and appointed officials at work.

Come to the next Lakeshore Hospital Authority meeting and see big government at work, squandering public funds with money, which should be going toward indigent care.

Over the years, information printed in the Lake City Reporter has prompted the paper's nickname  - The Lake City Distorter.  The Lake City Journal is an online news source, a tabloid, a Sunday paper Parade magazine.

The Columbia County Observer is the only real source of investigative, gut crunching journalism in North Central Florida. Keep up the good work.

A Life in Lake City

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