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Two more people shot in Lake City

On March 29, 2011 at approximately 9:41 p.m. officers responded to 306 SE Murray Terrace to a reported shooting.

Officers arrived and made contact with the victim, Sonny Jenkins.

Mr. Jenkins reported that he had been robbed by a tall white male with a multi colored scarf over his face, and a hat. Mr. Jenkins stated that the robber came into his home and demanded prescription pills and money. The robber then began to strike Mr. Jenkins, who was able to reach for his nearby pistol and fire at the suspect.

The first shot went through Mr. Jenkins’ arm. Mr. Jenkins fired a second shot which struck the suspect. The suspect then fled.

As officers arrived at 306 SE Murray Terrace, a call was received by the Lake City Police Department Communication Center that another shooting victim was at 996 SE Putnam Street apartment 101.

These addresses are only a few blocks away from each other.

Officers made contact with Ronald D. Vandevoren, who had been shot in his shoulder. Mr. Vandevoren informed the officers that he had been shot by a male subject.

He described the subject was wearing all black and had a black ski mask covering his face. Mr. Vandevoren stated the shooting occurred near the stop sign at Colburn and Putnam Streets.

Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Vandevoren were transported for medical evaluation and treatment of their wounds. It appeared neither victim had life threatening injuries.

Investigator Paul Kash responded to process the crime scenes. The pistol that was used by Mr. Jenkins was recovered in his residence. The two incidents appear to be related. Investigators are still interviewing witnesses and consulting with the State Attorney’s Office.

Anyone having information about this incident or others can contact the Lake City Police Department anonymously on the TIP line at (386) 719-2068.

Sonny B. Jenkins, 52 years old
Ronald D. Vandevoren, 20 years old

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