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Lake City Report - Dec 17, 2010
Florida Small Cities CDBG Audit Report

From City Manager Wendell Johnson

Florida Small Cities CDBG Audit Report

We received the results of the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) on-site monitoring visit for one of the City’s ongoing housing rehabilitation block grants.

• This is the final weekly report for 2010
• City Hall will be closed on Dec 23d and 24th
• There will be no Council meeting on Jan 3d
• The next regular Council meeting will be Tues, Jan 18, 2011

This $750,000 grant, which started in 2008, proposed to rehabilitate or demolish and replace 16 homes.

Thus far, five homes have been completed, four are under contract and four are out for bids. The DCA’s Report revealed that there were no “findings” and no “concerns” which is evidence to the efficiency of our planning and North Central Florida Regional Planning Council Staff. 

Reports like this one assures continued eligibility and success in getting future DCA Grants.

Police Union Bargaining Agreement

The City Staff has completed “tentative” review of the Lake City Police Department’s proposed union agreement.

The PD bargaining unit was formed in September 2009 and consists of 31 members. The agreement was “Tentatively Agreed” upon by the City Manager and Police Chief during October 2010.

Following review by the City’s Labor Attorney and approval of the minor changes by the union members, the final document will be presented for Council consideration.

City Manager Johnson and the Staff wishes everyone a Happy Holiday Season.

The City Staff Report is available in pdf format here.

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