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Gov Elect Rick Scott listens in Lake City

George Ward (left) - Gov Elect Rick Scott (right)
Governor Elect Rick Scott (right) listens to City Councilman George Ward (left), owner of Ward's Jewelry in Lake City. Looking on in the Dick Tracy hat Karl Burkhardt.

Gov Elect Scott really was looking for facts on his fact finding tour as he visited Lake City's Ward's Jewelry, long a mainstay in the downtown.

Mr. Scott showed a genuine interest and a sense of humor during his brief time with Ward Jewelry's owner, City Councilman George Ward.

Rick Scott and Jim Poole
The enormity of the Gov Elect's task ahead seems to have hit home in a moment between the banter in Ward's Jewelry Store, as the Gov Elect faces the challenge of a lifetime.

Mr. Ward told the Observer that he was very impressed by the Gov Elect. "He seems genuine and asked, "How's your business? What's going on?"

Mr. Scott showed a flair for humor when he told Mr. Ward that he is familiar with the jewelry business. He quipped, "I've got a wife and two daughters. I've bought a lot of jewelry myself over the years."

When the Gov Elect asked Mr. Ward what he could do to help, Mr. Ward said the best thing he could "do around here is get the construction industry cranked backup."

Mr. Ward said, "He (Scott) said no one's chomping at the bit to move into the northern tier states, where they are freezing cold.  He said we need to get them interested in coming back into Florida."

Mr. Ward continued, "I told him that the Governor's Office, through OTTED, has been very good to Columbia County over the years. I said we're looking for that to continue."

Mr. Ward said the Gov Elect told him, "We will be there to help you."

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