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Woman Arrested for Stealing Drugs
from Lake City Medical Center

On December 6, 2010 at approximately 4:12 a.m. Officer Brian Bruenger responded to 1050 NW Commerce Blvd in reference to a patient stealing drugs.

Officer Bruenger arrived to find Christen Marie Cardenas yelling at hospital staff.

The staff explained that Ms. Cardenas was left in an exam room unattended. When the staff returned into the room they noticed that the medication cart had been broken into.

Ms. Cardenas was confronted about the theft and began to yell. The staff then called for the police.

Officer Bruenger asked for Ms. Cardenas identification. Ms. Cardenas opened her purse and Officer Bruenger noticed multiple medical supplies in the purse.

Officer Bruenger seized the purse and its evidence. Ms. Cardenas then attempted to snatch the purse away and began to kick Officer Bruenger and the staff.

Ms. Cardenas was secured with the assistance of Sergeant Marshall Sova and Officer Juan Cruz.

Ms. Cardenas was transported to the Columbia County Jail and booked. The medical supplies were inventoried and returned to the staff.

Anyone having information about this incident or others can contact the Lake City Police Department anonymously on the TIP line at (386) 719-2068.

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