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Lake City Report - Nov 19, 2010
Citizen Alert Full Speed Ahead

From City Manager Wendell Johnson

Everbridge Citizen Alerting System

Following the City Council’s approval on November 15th, the Staff is moving forward with the Everbridge Citizen Alert System.

This system will allow the City to rapidly send messages to City residents about natural disasters, crime, system outages or any other announcement.  The system can also call City employees in an emergency and tell them where to report.

Presently, the IT Staff is coordinating arrangements to have the System available not only to residents but to all utility customers including those outside the City. The Alert System will be highly effective in notifying customers in the event of an interruption in service or an order to boil water.

The citizen alert service should be available during January 2011.

Truth In Millage - City in Compliance

The City received notification from the Florida Department of Revenue this week advising that the City millage certification documents submitted meet the certification requirements of Florida Statutes. (FS 200.065(1)-(4) (6)-(12) (14) (15))

The City was notified that the maximum millage levy calculation final disclosure documents relating to the millage levying processes and the total taxes levied are in compliance with the maximum total taxes levied requirements of Section 200.065(5), Florida Statues.

The Department of Revenue found no violations and accepted the City’s certification.

The City is in full compliance with the Florida Statutes for both the TRIM Certification and Millage Levy Requirements.

Thanks to the Finance Staff and to all City Directors who contributed to the successful preparation of this year’s Budget  -  Your good work is greatly appreciated!

And From the City Manager





The City Staff Report is available in pdf format here.

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