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Lake City Report - July 2, 2010
Airport terminal and energy savings

From City Manager Wendell Johnson

Airport Terminal Project. 

This project consists of a new 6,000 sq. ft. multi-use airport terminal building and adjacent asphalt vehicle parking areas, a 1,100 foot access road, security fence upgrades and a 14,860 sq. yd. aircraft parking apron. The total project cost is approximately $2,963,719.00.

On June 21st, the City Council approved an amended Joint Participation Agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation. This resulted in an additional $800,000 in grant funding for the project bringing the total secured funding to approximately $1,600,000.

This week the City submitted an Airport Improvement Grant Application to the Federal Aviation Administration requesting another $800,000 in construction funding. If all goes as planned, the construction start date of the terminal project should be by the end of August.

Energy and Operational Enhancement Project

The Staff met this week to discuss a feasibility assessment of the City’s water and wastewater utilities, including the distribution and collection systems. The objective -- to implement new technology to reduce energy and operational costs through improved efficiency and accuracy.

The first focus of this initiative is on the city’s meter reading and utility customer billing activities  with the objective of implementing a fully “automated” service capability. 

Based on a preliminary review of similar programs in Gainesville and Ocala, it appears that substantial savings can be initially realized and that opportunity for expansion of the project into other areas of our utility system is possible.  Staff expects a considerable level of discussion and evaluation of this activity during the next several months. 

The City Staff Report is available in pdf format here.

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