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Lake City Report - May 14, 2010
This week city budget planning tops the list

From City Manager Wendell Johnson

The City Budget

City Manager Johnson: I encourage the public to attend all budget workshops and city council meetings. We have staff available to answer your questions and Lake City values your contribution.

The FY2010-11 Budget Workshop process continues at 5:30 pm this Monday night. In contrast to the previous meetings, this workshop will spotlight the potential financial impacts resulting from the further decline of General Fund revenues.   

The Staff provided the Council with a preliminary General Fund revenue projection report for FY 2011. Based on the report, General Fund revenue will be approximately $1,500,000 less than the current year.  This projection does not include any transfers from the City reserves ($793,251) which was required during FY 2010,   

The City will benefit tremendously from $2,000,000 in general fund bond proceeds which will subsidize capital equipment and project needs for the coming budget year. This will allow greater flexibility in the application of General Fund operational and maintenance needs. 

Introduced during the first two Council workshops, the Staff will offer the following budget enhancement initiatives for Council consideration:

 • Inventory and identify City owned property that is surplus to the needs of and/or under utilized. Convert such property to private ownership where possible.

• Implement the vehicle leasing program (5-year cycle) to reduce annual operating and maintenance costs and to improve the image of the City’s overall fleet.

• Sale of surplus vehicles and equipment.

• Implement Residential Stormwater Utility Fee to fund capital improvement needs. The fees will be used to create a Stormwater Utility Enterprise Fund which will enhance the Public Works General Fund Budget.

• Eliminate/Reduce grant expenditures.

• Eliminate overtime other than in emergency and/or life-threatening situations and offer comp time in lieu of. 
• Continue a hiring freeze other than for public safety and other key positions as determined by the City Manager.

• Require all employees to take furlough days during the budget year 2011 or eliminate pay for some holidays.

• Consider Health Insurance “Opt Out” program for eligible employees. 

North Florida Broadband Authority (NFBA)

The NFBA met this week at the Suwannee Water Management District Office in Live Oak. The planning for the $30 million NFBA Broadband Grant continues. When construction is completed, there will be high-speed internet connectivity for the 14-county region, which includes Columbia County and Lake City.   

The notable action this week was the distribution of the “Notice of Intent Resolution Committing in Kind Assets to the NFBA.”

 Lake City provided intent to commit rights of use and access to Towers and Elevated Tanks to NFBA for use in its broadband network.

By adopting the resolution, the City is continuing its commitment and participation in the NFBA and will realize the benefits of broadband “Middle Mile” infrastructure to serve the community.

The City Staff Report is available in pdf format here.

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City Staff Report
 • Week ending May 14, 2010