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Lake City Report - April 23, 2010
City bonds andbroadband top the list

From City Manager Wendell Johnson

City Bond Issues

City Manager Johnson: I encourage the public to attend all budget meetings and city council meetings. We have staff available to answer your questions and Lake City values your contribution.

As reported last week, the Sales Tax and Utility Bond initiative is progressing as planned.  The Request for Funding Proposals (RFP) process exceeded expectations and 10 proposals were received on Monday, April 19, 2010.

The Finance Team met  early this week and reviewed the proposals.  A recommendation for the award of contract for financial services will be forthcoming to the Council before the end of May, 2010.

The recommendation will be two-fold and include: 1) Local bank financing of the Sales Tax Revenue Bond Refunding and, 2) A qualified Investment and Financial Services Firm for the Utility Bonds Refunding needs.

The Bond Resolutions will be submitted by the Finance Team for Council consideration on May 3, 2010. 

North Florida Broadband Authority (NFBA)

The NFBA met this week at the Suwannee Water Management District Office in Live Oak. The planning for the $30 million NFBA Broadband Grant continues for high speed internet access in our 14-county region, which includes Columbia County and Lake City.

The Project Status since my last report: 

a.  The Project and Construction Management Firm, AirWire, Inc., is preparing the Master Schedule Template. This includes the Engineering Specifications for the Network Element, the RFP for equipment procurement and the mobilization timeline.

b.  The Preliminary Project Budget was approved. A $750,00 “line of credit” has been arranged to fund preliminary needs over the months until October 1, 2010.

c.  The Network Requirements for “Level 3” have been established.  Level 3 is one of the largest fiber owners in the Country and will be completing the network activity.

d.  Master Service Agreements with AirWire and KeenWire will be completed before the next meeting in May.

e.  Tenant Surveys will be distributed during the week of April 26, 2010.  The surveys are designed to determine key system uses (anchor tenants) such as government agencies, schools, hospitals, etc.

The City Staff Report is available in pdf format here.

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