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Lake City Charter Review Board
Decision time on the horizon

Decision time is on the horizon for the Lake City Charter Review Board, whose decisions may well affect the future of Lake City for the next ten years and beyond. Last night, in the absence of Chairperson Ann Skinner, charter review veteran and Vice Chair, Mario Coppock led the review board in its usual high level of discussion.

The Charter Review Board has been operating on a high plain and the discussions have been missed by just about everyone in the county except for City Council District 10 candidate Tammy Harris, who has regularly attended the meetings.

Earlier this morning Mr. Coppock told the Observer, "I'm very disappointed that the public has not been involved in this important process for Lake City. I am hoping, as we are now in the final decision making process, that the public comes to the meetings and participates. The Charter Review Board welcomes their suggestions and comments on the issues that we will be presenting for discussion."

Other than some housekeeping issues, the following questions are on the docket for discussion:

City Clerk, Audrey Sikes, delayed a family trip to Key West and time from her annual leave to take the minutes of this important meeting.

  • Should the city council decide that the fire department or the police department should be consolidated with the county -- the decision must be approved by the people in a citywide referendum?

  • Should the Police Chief be appointed by the City Council?

  • Should the job qualifications for the City Clerk and the City Manager be added to the charter?

  • Should a Citizens' Bill of Rights be added to the charter?

  • Should a Code of Ethics be added to the charter?

  • Should term limits for the City Council members be added to the charter?

  • Should the five member CRB be expanded to seven members, with two at large members, who would be chosen at random from volunteers, who put their name in a hat?

  • Should the 90 day time limit for the CRB be expanded to include more time?

  • Should there a date certain for council members taking office?

  • Should there be a mandatory residency requirement, i.e. minimum number of days, to qualify to run for the City Council?

The next meeting of the Charter Review Board is scheduled for May 6th at 06:00 pm at City Hall.

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