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Lake City Report - Feb 19, 2010
Community clean up, Airport Terminal Project

From City Manager Wendell Johnson

Community Cleanup

The City staff and local community volunteers are planning the 2nd annual “Take Pride in Your Community” Cleanup Campaign. This “Green Team” event will take place from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon on April 24, 2010 staging at the Richardson Community Center.   The area of concentration for the cleanup will be within the city’s northeast quadrant from beginning at Duval/Marion Street east/north to Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

     On behalf of the Mayor and City Council, I extend my sincerest appreciation to all the administration, public works, utilities, police, and fire department personnel who worked to make the 32nd Annual Olustee Festival a success.
     Thank all of you so much for making Lake City look GOOD and keeping everyone safe throughout this event!
       GREAT JOB EVERYONE!                                      Wendell

The participation of all residents within the area, civic clubs, religious organizations, and youth groups is encouraged and will be greatly appreciated. Food and fun activities will be provided for all event volunteers.   For further information, contact Jackie Kite at
(386) 719-5766.

Airport Terminal Project

 Staff met this week with Don Ramdass of Passero & Associates to discuss the funding status of the proposed Air Terminal.  Construction scheduling cannot be finalized until the City is assured of anticipated Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) monies.  We have received notification that the FAA’s funding will be available after June 2010 under their Part B funding scenario.

To meet the FAA schedule, the City will take the following actions:

  • Resubmit our Grant Application in the early part of June to receive the FAA Grant Funding Offer.
  • Submit the Grant Offer to the City Council for their approval and execution.
  • Submit the Grant Offer back to the FAA-ADO.  (Maximum 30-day turn around)

Staff anticipates that the FAA-ADO Grant approval process will take the allotted 30 days for full execution between the FAA and the City. Therefore, we have requested the selected contractor to extend their bid offer until July 2010; their bid is presently valid only until April 21, 2010.  We optimistically anticipate a construction contract between the City and the contractor and a notice to proceed can be finalized for this project before the end of July 2010. 

The City Staff Report is available in pdf format here.


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City Staff Report
 • Week ending February 19, 2010