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Lake City Report - Feb 12, 2010
Personnel Policy revision, Strategic Plan, Bond debt review

From City Manager Wendell Johnson

Personnel Policy Revision 

The planning draft of the new City Personnel Manual has been on-going for several months and is approximately 40% complete. The new policy will provide information regarding employee working conditions, benefits, and other policies concerning all City personnel activities.  It is intended to replace the City’s current policy dated 1995.  

A critical element of the new policy is the “Classification and Pay Plan,” which is a systematic listing of all City employees by classification, department, pay level, hire date, FLSA and EEO status. The Plan also includes a matrix which integrates the classifications and wage levels from the Evergreen Study which was adopted by the City Council in 2008. 

The final draft of the Classification and Pay Plan is undergoing validation by the Human Resource and Finance Staff and will ultimately be incorporated as an integral chapter of the new Personnel Policy. 

Tentatively, the Council will be requested to consider approval of “Classification and Pay” element of the Personnel Manual during March 2010.               

Economic Strategic Plan 

The Rudder Team has completed preparation of its Columbia County’s Economic “Plan of Action, a.k.a., the “Go-To-Market” Plan which outlines the strategy for Columbia County’s economic future. 

The Plan was prepared by a team of public and business leaders during the last six months of 2009 and was presented this week in a joint workshop discussion between the County Commission and Industrial Development Authority. It will be presented for approval by the Columbia BOCC at their next meeting on February 18, 2010. 

IDA Executive Director Jim Poole advised that he will arrange to present the Plan for Council consideration of approval during March 2010. 

Bond Debt – Staff Review 

The Staff continues the evaluation process relating to refunding options for the City’s existing bond debt. 

Two objectives of the review are:

1) Evaluate the potential for General Fund revenue generation for capital improvement needs
2) Determine the potential for Utility Fund debt enhancement, which is a concern considering the City’s need to finance the Kicklighter WWTP.

The management and legal processes for moving ahead with this effort are in order and the staff will propose a Council workshop for March 1, 2010.   During the workshop, Council will be fully apprised regarding the financial benefits of this Sales Tax and Utility refunding opportunity.

The City Staff Report is available in pdf format here.


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City Staff Report
 • Week ending February 12, 2010