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Lake City Report - Feb 5, 2010

From City Manager Wendell Johnson

Monthly Projects and Activities Report:  The February 2010 report is published. This report provides a summarized overview and status of on-going “key” City projects and activities:

 • Kicklighter Waste Water Treatment Plant Project
• Sisters Welcome Reuse Facility Project
• New Airport Terminal Project
• Loquat Bridge Replacement Project
• Demolition of Old City Hall
• Community Redevelopment Plan Update
• C ity Personnel Policy Update
• Police Department Accreditation Plan
• Water/Sewer/Reclaimed Water - Rate adjustments
• County/City Combined Communications Plan

Lake City Annual Awards Banquet:  Congratulations go out to the City’s annual award winners for the year 2009. 

Thanks to the Employee Awards Committee for their dedicated effort in making this year’s awards program a success.  Members were Audrey Sikes (Chair), Frank Armijo, Gene Bullard, Grayson Cason, Dave Clanton and Joe Sheldon.  

Thanks also to the Awards Banquet Committee for putting together a great program.    Members were Gene Bullard, Grayson Cason, Debbie Garbett, Nick Harwell, Larry Lee, Roger Little and Audrey Sikes.

The positive feedback on the event was astounding. 

The City Staff Report is available in pdf format here.


This week's report features the February
Projects and Activities Report.


Lake City Manager Wendell Johnson is on a roll with the Lake City Reports. See what the Lake City government is up to. If you are curious to know how many record requests were handled by the Sunshine Girls, or are interested in how many police calls were handled by the Lake City police department, or even how many gallons of water Steve Robert's state of the art water plant pumped, the Lake City reports is the place to go.


City Staff Report
 • February 5, 2010

The Lake City Report is the nuts and bolts of government. Read the report and see your tax dollars at work and become familiar with your city government.