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And The Winners Are
Lake City Awards Night

The 2010 Lake City awards banquet went on without a hitch as Lake City recognized its employees. (read about the preparations here)

This year's awards categories were:
 • Dedication Award – 13 nominations – cash award $150
 • Achievement Award – 10 nominations -- cash award $150
 • Supervisor of the Year Award – 9 nominations -- cash award $150
 • Employee of the Year Award – 10 nominations -- cash award $300

This years winners are:

Employee of the year:  Sandra Caslow

Supervisor of the Year:  Grayson Cason

Achievement Award: Beverly Harry

Dedication Award:  Joyce Bruner

Volunteerism Award:  Laura Davis

Awards not on the program.

Youngest person to every begin work in Lake City:  Faye Williams, who on the way to receive her 30 year longevity award told the Observer that she began working here at 2 1/2.

Answer to the most asked question of the year award. Is Police Chief Gilmore married? Yes -- here she is with her husband Frank.

The award for putting the show together without a hitch:  Of course, Lake City's own Sunshine Girl, Audrey Sikes, reading the rules.

The reporter on the beat with the world's biggest smile:  The Lake City Reporter's Antonia Robinson, "Yes ma, I really do work for a Newspaper."

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