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Lake City Report for December 18th

From the desk of the City Manager

Water/Sewer Rate Study:
The City of Lake City Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Rate Study has been in the planning phase for several months.

The objectives of the Study are:

     1. Formulate a structure for residential and commercial customers with provisions to encourage conservation
     2. Develop rates based on costs of services and community standards
     3. Generate sufficient revenue to meet projected fiscal requirements including a 3-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
     4. Provide a means for multi-year projections to identify potential impacts of alternative capital funding programs.  The key components of the CIP are to construct the proposed Kicklighter Road Waster Treatment Plant and to upgrade the St. Margaret’s WWT Plant.  The City Staff will present the Study for Council consideration on December 21, 2009:

Recommended  Action:

1.  Adopt the City of Lake City Rate Study with understandings as follows: 

     a. Rename Service Availability Charge to Base Charge; no Base Charge assessment to inactive customers.  This action will result in an estimated loss of $420,000 in water/sewer revenues which should be recouped by the established rates.
  Establish water and waste water rates to recoup revenue losses ($420,000 lost revenue) from inactive customers; establish reclaimed water rate at volumetric charge -$0.63 per 1,000 gallons.
Adopt the AWWA methodology and meter-size increments, i.e., the Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) standard unit of measure.
Authorize the City Attorney and Staff to proceed with the legislative and public notice processes leading to implementation of the adjusted water and wastewater rates and new reclaimed water charge – public notice requirements will take 90 days.

(The adoption of the rate study was tabled until January, after Utility Director, Dave Clanton, discovered some inconsistencies in the numbers. -- ed.)

The Lake City Report is the nuts and bolts of government. Read the report and see your tax dollars at work and become familiar with your city government.

Airport Terminal Project:  Passero Associates, LLC completed the bid opening on December 18, 2009 and eleven (11) bids were received.  The City Purchasing Director and Passero will complete the “tabulation” during the next few days and a staff proposal for bid award will be presented to the Council on January 18, 2010. 

Annual Employee Awards:
Award nominations for 2009 will be taken through January 10, 2010. The categories are:  1) Dedication, 2) Achievement, 3) Supervisor, and the highest award, 4) Outstanding Employee.

The awards banquet will be held during the last two weeks of January (22nd or 29th). The details of the banquet will be distributed in early January.

The City Staff Report is available in pdf format here.


Lake City Manager Wendell Johnson is on a roll with the Lake City Reports. See what the Lake City government is up to. If you are curious to know how many record requests were handled by the Sunshine Girls, or are interested in how many police calls were handled by the Lake City police department, or even how many gallons of water Steve Robert's state of the art water plant pumped, the Lake City reports is the place to go.


City Staff Report
 • December 18, 2009