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Lake City Manager raises the bar
Lake City Reports are on the roll

From the desk of Wendell Johnson - City Manager • Report ending Dec 4th

City Manager Wendell JohnsonReclaimed Water System: Due to funding limitations, the City’s new reclaimed water system was planned for construction in two phases.

 Phase one components included the flow diversion tower, all piping and the high pressure pump station at a cost of approximately $3,000,000. Construction of Phase 1 is complete and the full cost was paid in full with a SRWMD grant.

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Phase 2 of the project will consist of purchase and installation of a DynaDisc Filter System and construction of a 1.5 million gallon concrete reclaimed water storage tank.

The cost to complete Phase 2 is $1,750,000. The SRWMD has allocated $419,000 leaving a balance of $1,331,000 to complete Phase 2.

A staff proposal will be presented to the City Utility Board on December 8, 2009. Staff will ask for a Board recommendation for Council approval to fund Phase 2 from the Water/Sewer Construction Trust Fund.

The following are reasons to move aggressively with completion of Phase 2 of the Reclaimed Water System:

1.    It will prevent having to “moth ball” the completed $3 million Phase 1 components. Without Phase 2, the Phase 1 components will tend to “rust in place” and have a prematurely shorten useful life. To achieve the full worth value Phase 2 components need to be completed and the entire project placed into operational service.

2.    It will satisfy a “Consent Order” commitment made to the FDEP (2005) to implement a reclaimed water system thereby reducing the amount of treated wastewater applied to the Sisters Welcome Road Spray Site and minimize environmental impacts on Ichetucknee Springs.

3.    It will satisfy a commitment made to the SRWMD and to provide reclaimed water to an agricultural site to offset its consumptive use of Floridan Aquifer groundwater.

4.    It will reduce the city’s consumptive use (withdrawal) of Floridan Aquifer groundwater by the city’s Price Creek Water Treatment Plant extending that plant’s capacity and reducing chemical (liquid oxygen, chlorine, etc.) and power costs.

5.    It will improve customer satisfaction by providing less expensive reclaimed water for yard irrigation.

6.     It will delay the construction of new filters and storage tanks at the new Kicklighter Road WWTF delaying over $3 million in construction costs until defined by future need.

7.     It will place the city in line for future grants to extend the regional reclaimed water distribution piping grid to I-10 on the north and SR 100 on the East thereby providing discharge locations for future AWT/PA WWTF’s in these potential growth areas.

8.      It will improve the city’s standing for future grants to aid in the construction of the Kicklighter Road WWTF by having the discharge system “on-line” when the plant is designed.

9.       It will protect the Phase 1 warranties and guarantees for the pumps, piping, controls, and equipment that might otherwise be voided or lost due to time delays in start-up.

The City Staff Report is available in pdf format here.


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City Staff Report
 • December 4, 2009