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Florida Moms Rally Against EPA Nominee

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MIAMI, FL – As confirmation hearings for President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet nominees continue in Washington, D. C., his choice to run the Environmental Protection Agency is facing serious questions from parents in Florida.

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The advocacy group Clean Air Moms Action is running a series of television ads highlighting what it says is Scott Pruitt's long history of opposing clean air and water standards. 

Karina Castillo, Florida field organizer for Moms Clean Air Force, says while Florida might not have as much visible smog as other states, the damage done by what can't be seen is real.

"It leads to asthma attacks, respiratory illnesses, decreased productivity in school," she points out. "It even affects pregnant women. And so, it's really important that we are proactive and not reactive in protecting our environment."

As Oklahoma attorney general, Pruitt shut down his office's environmental enforcement unit and actively crusaded against some of the EPA's health and environmental regulations. His confirmation hearing has not yet been scheduled.

Castillo says mothers can control many factors in their children's lives, but the air they breathe isn't one of them. 

"So, putting somebody in charge now that has a long-term vision, and that understands that this is important now for the benefit of their future, is paramount," she states.

Castillo adds that Clean Air Moms Action is running its TV ads in seven states, including Florida.

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